Hate Hayley (GNK winner)

qvm 1699

This deck went 3-0 at the Zurich Kabooom! GNK.

Yes Aesop's Hayley is strong, and we all love selling our Crowdfundings. But I wanted to publish my take on it before the next MWL. It's notably different than other popular Hayley decks that focus more on a strong late game lock.

Earlier versions of this deck had enough slots for triple Dirty Laundry, but Hayley's gonna hate, so I even packed Artist Colony.

Last but not least, Turtle has pushed ice strength up, and a lot of amazing ice is at 4 or 5 strength. It's a good time for Atman. Together with Engolo, it can also help play around Lady's limitations.

Thanks to all the players for the fun night and thanks to Kabooom! for organizing.