Killer Croc (3rd @ Dragon's Lair SC)

postis 290

It's Pirate Hayley with the addition of her new crocodile pet. It only lost a single game on the day, against Titan in the first round of swiss (I got to play it once in the cut before getting knocked out, where it gave me my single win in the top 4).

I swapped some cards around to make room for the 'gators, but the principle is unchanged: Draw lots, install lots, and make only the most impactful runs to conserve resources. DDM is insane and goes nicely with same old thing, which will pay for it with Tech Trader credits.

The main weakness is setup speed, of course, and the loss was against an FA deck. Clot would have been nice, and maybe it's correct to replace one Grappling Hook with it if the meta is full of Titan (which ours is). Never swap out the Legwork though, it can be very powerful when you have been camping their remote with that menagerie of yours for a while. The deck also runs quite poor and is susceptible to Hard-Hitting News, which burned me hard in a previous SC. I put in the hopper as an emergency button for situations like that.

In spite of the saccon, I kept losing Savant to Hunter Seeker against Skorpios, which I can't recommend, but it's not the end of the game. Their ice is a very good match for this deck, especially Archer which you can break for a net profit with grapple, which is hilarious.

Bonus: Laguna Velasco District is crazy good against PE, and allowed me to just eat all their traps and redraw in a jiffy. You feel like a god with that card.