The Calm Before the Storm

Hello 30

I very much enjoyed playing this deck, and though I didn't do very well with it, I did identify a few small changes that should help with that.

Firstly, swap a Cleaver and a Leech for an Imp. Two of my losses were from being unable to interact with operations, and Criminal doesn't have anything in faction to do that. You still have the three Boomerangs to get you through early barriers, and you can get through your stack fairly quickly, so only one fracter isn't too big a problem.

Secondly, add another PAN-Weave. It's a card you want early, and helps with keeping the corp poor. It's also another hardware in the deck, which Masterwork (v37) and Prognostic Q-Loop love to see.

Thirdly, The Class Act and The Twinning were a little on the slow side, and that isn't something this deck can easily afford. I'm going to try using Stargate and either Inside Job or Forged Activation Orders to try and speed up the decks ability to apply pressure.