Economic Warfare is a Good Card™ (3rd Örebro SC)

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The best thing I could have done was to just not run.

This is the deck I took to our small Store Championship in Örebro, Sweden, were it went 4-2 over 4 rounds and top 4. It beat a Sunny, Kit and 2x Adam, and lost to the eventual winner's Valencia and in a very close game to the eventual runner-up's Leela.

It's the brainchild of Gabriel (gejben) and Asger (TugtetguT), so I can't really speak to the specific card choices of the deck. Economic Warfare is a bastard card together with Hard-Hitting News, which makes the best course of action for the runner to just not run until they have infinity money. something.

MVPs of the deck are despite that both Economic Warfare and NGO Front. One card disincentivizes runs, the other forces the runner to contest remotes with every install-advance-advance.

Changes I would make is probably cut the single Celebrity Gift for another Warfare (or something else). It's good money, but the times I could use it I either a) didn't need it, or b) didn't want to show my hand of 2+ agendas.

Thanks to gejben and TugteguT for letting me borrow their deck. It's a beast, difficult to pilot etc. You know the drill.