d9w 2

The idea is to have the icebreaker you need and to trash the ones you don't. FCC makes trashing worthwhile, Scavenge helps bring them back cheap, and LALA is a nice reset.

The Toolbox's credits can make runs free, the links save credits, and the memory is good for Battering Ram, Cyber Cypher, and Datasucker. I played around with Dinosaurus and Desperado, but I like Toolbox the best.

Economy in this deck was first provided by Magnum Opus, but I really like it with Data Dealer. Runs should be cheap with a good rig, so Notoriety isn't a bad recovery from the agenda point loss.

Datasucker is there for Yog.0 and Mimic, but I've had to trade those out for variable strength breakers to get through multiple Archers or the like.