BLM 12th- Goodstuff Freedom

YsengrinSC 400

This deck is better than its performance on the day (3-2), as I killed myself on a Chiyashi against RP for really no reason in round 1. And the other loss was a close game against Titan where missed the second Audacity in hand (though the matchup isn't great).

Before running this deck put the third Zer0 in.

I grabbed Freedom because I got to test Rongydoge's CtM and did not not want to try and learn how to pilot 419 against it. On the day this played pretty much as expected.Consume only got installed once, but was huge that game. Keiko and Paladin Poemu made me so much money every game. This deck could almost run Fencer Fueno if you're looking for a second companion to make sure Keiko triggers every turn. Imp and Pelangi are obviously sad that they cannot be infinite, but largely you don't need them to be. Simulchip can very easily recycle them, which ends up being nice.

Probably my favorite game was against Argus that rushed to 5, with 1 Hostile, 2 False Leads and Atlas scored. I was sure I was dead, but was able to in two turns trash 2x HPT and 1 Boom out of HQ. Killed a Preemptive Action'd HPT and then ended up going Tag-Me which got me sweating, but ultimately was safe as a Con Vis ended up confirming.