Unlimited Breadsticks - an experiment with MCC

Dothanite 376

This is a fun deck concept I've been working with lately. It's not polished, but I figured I should release it now anyway.

Mumbad Construction Co. is the center of this deck. Build up your Archives to protect them and watch those counters stack up. When you're ready, Casting Call out an agenda and use MCC in the same action window to score an agenda before they can pull out Clot. If they have clot out at any time other than that window, well, that's what Cyberdex Virus Suite is for.

Or, if they run an un-advanced Project Junebug, after they choose to continue you can rez the Bug and kill them for however much net damage as you have counters for on MCC(and credits). Or rez three Ronins and kill them that way.

The economy package is Turtlebacks + Tech Startup + Museum of History. You Tech out your Turtles and Museums, then, if left uninterrupted, you Tech for another Tech, gaining you three credits. Museum your now trashed Tech into R&D. You could probably change this with any other economy suite - I just wanted to do something different, and I love that the same engine can fetch cards and credits.

I wish I had room for Dedication Ceremony, but it just couldn't fit. Maybe when I want to revisit Jankville I'll see what I can do.

29 Mar 2016 forktines

I know the increased trash cost on MCC is kinda vital, but have you thought about this deck in Tennin? Potentially double your MCC speed. Also, Mushin?

30 Mar 2016 PureFlight

Mushin seems like a great way to kickstart an MCC. Also, Mushin + MCC + Casting Call + 3-cost agenda + 10 is a FA combo, although super expensive and unwieldy. Still...

30 Mar 2016 Dothanite

Very good points. I'd probably take out the Snare! and a Museum of History for two Mushin No Shins to try it out first. One Snare in a 54-card deck isn't doing much here.

Since there is no punishment to trash MCC outside of Gagarin and IG, I probably wouldn't do Tennin in a whizzard-heavy meta. I love the concept, though.

1 Apr 2016 codychilton13

@Dothanite I'm excited to try out my runner against this!! Apex loves him some kill decks! Looks superror fun bro!!