Zero Breaker (Dice & Dungeons Memorial SC)

Algebraic 879

Definitely the better of my two decks from the first Store Championship under the new Ban List going 3-1 on the day and only losing to a tense, credit perfect game against Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist. The aim of the list is a mix between rush and rig shooter. I expected a lot of Zer0 and Paperclip and felt I had good chance to remove enough breakers to quickly score out. This strategy differences from the full lock out approach of rig shooting. Rather the aim is to reset the rush and make the Runner find another copy of their breaker before they are ready. This can be big issue for Criminals in particular, although I did not face any on the day.

There is no unbanned cards in this deck so nothing exciting outside of the usual influence spend on 2 Ark Lockdown and 3 Marcus Batty, the absolute highlight of the day being a Batty fire on the 1x Tithonium killing an Engolo, Corroder, Na'Not'K and a Kati Jones with 12 credits in one fell swoop.

The deck makes a lot of money so a Punitive Counterstrike back-up plan makes a lot of sense. Engram Flush is a nice card to match this plan, and is a cool Batty fire to remove I've Had Worse before a City Works Project steal or Punitive follow up.

Finally, the last card worth mentioning is Cyberdex Virus Suite. I added it for two reasons; firstly, to wipe Aumakua before a program trash subroutine, but secondly as counter to Tapwrm, which as prominent on the day. I would love to make space for a second one as while the deck gives out Bad Publicity willy-nilly, giving the Runner extra credits to set up breakers and avoid Punitive isn't so good.

Anyway, I think this deck initially has a place in the current meta, pulling the Runner in a different direction to the asset spam lists doing the rounds and is something high up on my list for the NISEI BLM tournament.