[Startup] Lat Prepaid Aniccam

PreNic 203

The choice of Lat is because I really like the consistency that provides to the deck.

Mulligan for Aniccam and/or Prepaid VoicePAD. Aniccam helps to keep drawing along with Lat's ability while Prepaid will help with the economy since the deck runs mostly events.

Try to install 2 Prepaid VoicePAD in the early game since this will repay you over the game. I prefer Telework Contract over Daily Cast in this kind of deck since I want to get as much "burst" economy as possible.

Overall, it is a quite standard deck which aim is to steal some point early/mid game and then close the game with Deep Dive. As a note, it is nice to have a Bravado in your hand the turn that you decide to Deep Dive. ;)

13 Apr 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Do you not get serious MU issues here? Maybe drop a Rezeki for a DZMZ?

13 Apr 2022 PreNic

I would not call it serious but yes, sometimes the MU are short. ;) I think a DZMZ for a Rezeki could make sense. Or maybe cut the Rezeki completely and replace them with Smartware Distributor.

13 Apr 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Smartwave is a possible option... I think Rezeki is better in general (and I think the combo of Smartwave and Telework is very click intensive so if you did go that way I think you should consider Casts instead)

2 Rezeki is probably fine in most matchups though - especially when you have pre paid drip coming in too.