Don't make the duck angry! (2-3 @ Italian KOS 2023)

Drager 168

Remember when the guy from RunLastClick was playing Titan Transnational at one of the last FFG-Worlds?
And remember when he told us that - in order to play that deck - you should bring a rubber duck to explain to it (or him, or her, or them, your choice) WHY ARE YOU NOT SCORING THAT ATLAS?

This decks more or less works like that, just DON'T PISS OFF THE DUCKY!

The deck is explicit copy-paste from the CBI invitational deck, this deck SHOULD NOT WORK.

But it DID during testing. Sometime it autopilots itself (just listen to the duck, guys!). Sometimes the lines are a little more subtle, depending on matchup. Just to keep things explicit i'll list some of the things that you must do / the decks does when you play it:

  • Rule no. 1: SCORE why are you not scoring? What's wrong buddy? Explain that to the rubbery ducky! How you can say NO to a face like that? Did you make the duck cry again? crying-yellow.gif
  • YOU have to score 3-2 (or Megaprix Qualifier with a token) THEY can steal almost all the 1 pointer. You won't score the GFI unless "by a complex system of mirror and levers" (Biotic + a preinstalled Bass + Audacity + a human sacrifice to the Gods of Fast Advance)
  • Ice are more or less only for centrals. Meridian on Rnd turn one can be a -1 point for the runner that checks
  • Tranquility is the main thing to install naked for a remote, as early as turn one. One click to check, 4 to trash, 3 in the deck. Don't feel too bad if the runner trashes it
  • Calvin B4L3Y was a strange inclusion. It became a meme card to have you say "AND NOW I WIN" when you draw it, but that sentence became less and less ironic as the testing went on. Draw 2 once per turn, the runner NEVER trashes it, combined with a Spin Doctor was the "We have Jackson Howard at home"
  • Go for triple install turns (Tranquility / Marilyn / Rashida / one pointer agendas). The thing(/s) that survives will serve you good. The other(/s) is a time-waster for the runners
  • Against Clot you have Mavirus that you can install during your install-spree turn and left there dormant. Ask for action when you advance the first time, then if they won't install Clot, Biotic
  • Against Crim keep your finances up, HQ Covered for potential Diversion of Funds. Remember kids: you can dodge a DoF turn one without ice but installing asset tha rezzes for a total of 4-5 cred (Marilyn x2 or + Bass or Giordano Memorial Field)
  • Final Note (that really puzzled me the first time I piloted the deck) what is the "perfect" Fast Break turn? I think you have to use it to close the game. Gain 0 or 1 cred, draw >3cards, and install the agenda, the mavirus, hopefully drawing the Fast advance piece (Audacity or Biotic Labor or Bass CH1R180G4 + Red Level Clearance. It's useful to deny the Clot threat while scoring the 6th and 7th point.

The deck worked in testing... Until It DIDN'T during the majority of the tournament

Game 1 (W) vs Haecrom's Nova
The deck WORKED. The duck wasn't angry because I fed her constantly with agendas, even when I protected HQ before RnD (I won't risk the singleton DoF

Game 2 (L) vs Plusci's Sable
The deck bled agenda from Rnd. When the first turn they stole the Luminal you know that it's all downhill from there

Game 3 (L) vs PreNic's Apex
Again, Luminal stolen in the first turns. Rnd Open and agend wass all over the Opponent score area. The "click for drawing 5" of the Fast break was the final nail in the coffin (I wasn't at 5 points...), It was my "please fix my game" move and it failed hard.

Game 4 (W) vs Benfe's Lat
This was tense, and a really interesting matchup. The duck wasn't complaining either, it was concentrated in following the game. I was constantly fighting the clot threat, but a dormant mavirus let me close the matchup with the help of the final Fast break. Look 'Ma, just like the really strong Sports player I can win with Fast Break! And fight clot!

Game 5 (L) vs Joke's Zaya
CANNOT FIND AN ICE IN THE FIRST 25 CARDS. When i found it, it was a Magnet vs the Amina that was already there. Joke was finding Agenda before me finding ice, of course.

Well, I guess the deck didn't work, back to do jammy stu.. WHAT? A VERSION WITH DIFFERENT ICE DID 5-0?


A BIG THANK YOU for the people organizing the KOS and all the Italian community of Netrunner! It's a shame that our team was only of 3 but the "bot" mechanics keep us up and we finished 5th (of 9 team total).

And remember.