I'm Running Here! 4-0, 9th place SOCR 6

RepoRogue 133

As many people have told me over the years, the game is NetRUNNER not NetINSTALLER. Unfortunately, you will sometimes be required to install things: just know that we will all be in solidarity with you if it comes to that.

But seriously, this is an aggressive criminal deck. Run, a lot. The best econ denial card in the game is the basic action card because it enables you to run. Get a turtle out early and start running. This deck wins by applying constant pressure to the Corp, preventing them from scoring out and hopefully forcing them to click for credits. The decks runs an econ denial suite of Corporate ~"Grant"~, Diversion of Funds, Emergency Shutdown, Maxwell James, Pad Tap, and (sometimes) Mining Accident.

Mti Mwekundu might seem like an un-win-able matchup: you have no E-Strike and few breakers that don't require you to have already made runs. You just have to be comfortable face checking an Anansi or two if you want to win. Remember that as much as losing a bunch of your cards sucks, it cost your opponent 8 credits to do it. If you can land a Diversion of Funds through an Anansi you can't break, then do it. The more resources your opponent commits to protecting centrals, particularly HQ, the less effort they can put into developing their board and actually scoring agendas.

I actually went back and forth over the course of the tournament as to whether or not I was running Mining Accidents. For a while I was playing 2x Diesel and 2x Process Automation because the card draw situation in Cache Refresh Criminal is incredibly dire. Being able to find your Diversion of Funds or Indexing can be more valuable than bad pub. I'm honestly still not sure which one is better. Probably the Mining Accidents.

Anyway, SOCR 6 was really fun! The only mark on my tournament experience was 100% my fault: I registered a week late and consequently missed the first round. This was recorded as me being swept by a zero SoS opponent, which would later haunt me when I narrowly missed the cut on SoS. Annoying, but completely my fault.