Starter Deck - Runner Beginner

CBTech 6531

People often ask for starter decks when they first get Netrunner to get an idea of how to deck build or what makes a deck strong. The recommended starter decks in the core set aren’t very efficient nor do they use any influence, so I have worked with some friends to design a few starter decks. Every starter deck is made of a single core set and we have also made variants with no 1-of cards so anyone with 3 core-sets can throw together these starter decks and have them lying around to introduce new players. We have tested the Beginner decks against each other and the Intermediate decks against each other and they are pretty balance with the runner winning slightly more often.

Beginner decks are designed for players just picking up the game. They are straight forward and have very little tricks.

Intermediate decks introduce players to more complex and interesting concepts such as search, traps, and viruses.

Advanced decks are your own decks that you design and build. Get familiar with the other factions and cards. Experiment and have fun!

This deck is the most basic of runner decks. Get money, play your breakers, and run. Since this is a beginner deck we didn’t want to use search as new players would have no idea what ice breakers they should even search for. Instead we put in enough breakers that you are bound to hit them pretty quickly. Diesels are good for digging if needed.

To make this deck with no 1-ofs. -1 The Toolbox +1 Tinkering

14 May 2014 Elronhir

I like your idea! It's nice for newcomers

10 Apr 2015 Ouinouin

Starting the game this is a great help. Thank you.

14 Oct 2015 teka

Got the game recently and tried a few of your starter decks, they are awesome to learn, thank you!

18 Feb 2016 hadekkk

Great help to start with Kate

13 Mar 2016 graemefoster

Really love this deck! Thanks so much for sharing it. Would you add any cards from What Lies Ahead or All That Remains?

14 Mar 2016 CBTech

@graemefoster My starter decks are designed for learning with a single core set. I don't plan on expanding these with any cards from the expansions. Feel free to start experiment with any cards you have from expansions.

17 Jan 2017 Raoden

Good beginner deck. I've played with this on and have won a few games with it (against core decks). I'm just starting out with the game and this deck is helpful.

16 Jul 2017 ThunderCloud

Thank you so much for creating those decks! They are just incredibly useful to teach the friends I am playing with on how to play and on how to build their decks. I am looking forward to get them to complex deck building to play my real diamonds against them :) The only bad thing about this is that I found these decks too late to learn the basic principles with it (I was more or less forced to learn from other players which actually worked very well because Netrunner has just an amazing community).

21 May 2018 hotrod06

its a good starter deck

3 Oct 2022 Pro man

Very good