[STARTUP+] Compulsive Startup

Larrea 47

Part of a series of 15 decks made as an introduction to Vesper's Startup Plus format. Bring one Standard card and one Standard ID into your startup deck! This deck features Adam and his Logic Bombs.

First things, yes, you can bring your three Directives to Startup+. You want to bring Find the truth,Neutralize All Treaths and Safety First. Keep hands full of money and cheap cards. If you can't start activating Safety First on the first turn, you very likely want to mulligan that hand.

T400 acts as a Brain Chip Replacement. Use the Bombs as well as Boomerangs to get into early servers. Try to pressure HQ early, NAT and FTT will make every run be worth three accesses. Sneakdoor Beta will help you get HQ accesses later. You'll use Tread Lightly to run an unrezzed R&D when you see an Agenda with FTT.

4 May 2022 Baa Ram Wu

A nice idea - unfortunately You could only import 1 Card from Find the truth, safety first, Neutralise and logic Bomb as per the rules of Startup+ which makes Adam a bit of an impossible deck to build here.