Ye Olde Standard CTM (1st Place Raven's Nest Games - Mariett

hasuprotoss 345

This is a CTM list. It's pretty OK. Can't think of any changes right now but I don't think I've ever rezzed Data Ward. Take that with how many grains of salt you so desire (which should be a lot, since I'm playing CTM...).

11 Dec 2016 SneakdoorMelb

Did you run into the Nexus Andy hotness at all? I hit it twice in my SC today and just got shredded.

11 Dec 2016 hasuprotoss

@SneakdoorMelb did not hit it at all. Sounds like it's a pretty messy matchup.

12 Dec 2016 cranked

How did IP Block work out for you? And did you ever feel as though 2nd Closed Accounts would be better than 2nd EoI?