Excaloop Palana + Thimbelrig (9th at York Regional)

swabl 337

Pretty much a straight copy of the 2nd place deck from Aldershot, but with the Saisentan swapped out for a Thimblerig.

This is a really solid deck with multiple lines to victory, giving it an out against most decks. You can cheese out Obokata Protocols behind Data Loop and Kakugo or other agendas with the Marcus Batty/Excalibur/Border Control/Nisei MK II setup... or just tax them out with Anansis by baiting them with NGO Fronts. Snare! keeps the runner central-shy and Preemptive Action keeps the threat alive (or just recycles economy, Battys and Border Controls). You've usually got an avenue to victory with whatever you're dealt - it's pretty robust.

On the day it went 3-0 as ID'd the last two rounds (and finished 9th on SoS... grumble grumble...) beating Smoke, MaxX and Wuzeki in varying ways, demonstrating the deck's flexibility even as I never rezzed a Data Loop!

Decks with Film Critic and/or Hunting Grounds are an obvious weakness for this deck, and if you face an anarch deck with a lot of ice destruction that sets up quickly you'll have a rough time (had a test game against Freedom the night before, it was miserable) but on the whole it's pretty solid.