Network Peddler [SOCR3 1st Place]

internet 799

More or less standard Kit build, with some snazzy Cache Refresh updates. Network Exchange is dynamite in this format - Kit forces deep servers, and 2-3 Network Exchanges can run the corp broke very quickly. Use Gordian + Test Run + tricks to stop rushes, use Network Exchange and Kit to force expensive installs/rezzes, and win the long game.

This deck went 7-1 all told:

3 wins vs. PE

2 wins vs. PU

1 win vs. BoN

1 win vs. concession

and 1 loss vs. my inability to read the Core 2.0 PDF in round 2.

Another great SOCR tournament; looking forward to SOCR4!

2 Nov 2017 PureFlight

Adding insult to injury in a very hard matchup for my PE deck, my scored Water Monopoly didn't even make you spend extra installing Network Exchange. Such fun games though! :-D