Under Pressure (6th Euros 2019)

Saintis 375

Based of @epimer's list, but I added the 2nd Special Order, bringing the deck to 46 cards.

It went 3-1 in the swiss (3 IDs), winning against NEH, The Outfit and ACME, losing to Blue Sun.

It won 1 game in the tie breaker against Mirrormorph, and one game in the cut against Argus.

Once this is set up it can get very brutal if the corp ever drops low on credits. With Amina and Corporate "Grant" you can normally drain 2 credits a turn while gaining TTW counters. With PAD Taps, any non-basic card corp econ also nets you credits.

Normally you can let the first 2-4 points get scored, especially if this brings the corp down to low credits, then you can remote camp until you can close out the game with a big Maker's Eye dig.

3 Jun 2019 vinegarymink

What's the cut to make it 45 cards? Just the Special Order?

4 Jun 2019 Epimer

No credit to me, I just spectated a lot of j.net games and pieced together something that looked like what better players than me were doing.

Then got beaten by it in round one of Swiss.