Eude Kit

PineppleBush 47

I used to play Kit back in the C&C days, so when the bay area decided to have a tourney, she seemed like a fun choice to return to. As you can see, you get everything you really need in the core and C&C.

Important to note - I added a Spooned for the tourney because I could pick it as my single play set. I did not draw it until the last turn of my last game when I used to to blow up an Eli on my last click. I think it's a good addition but not necessary. Also good because I am over influence with it. Could drop mimic and datasucker to fit it in, but I don't think its a necessary include.

Omni-drive did nice work with modded. Helped with any potential memory problems. Also you can put Net Shield on it for free net damage protection. I got this combo out for both times I faced PE.

Chakana - is also good against PE or never advance. Or maybe fast advance. That's what I was thinking.

Never needed Atman or Paricia but they're still nice to have.

What I do lack in this deck is draw. You might switch out Plascrete for Patron and Sports Hopper.

Overall really fun day. Thanks to everyone who came out. This has revived my interest in Netrunner!