[Start-up] Modern Quickset Concrete

Wrecko 498

My take on the Modernism deck. This deck went 3-0 at the Calgary GNK and has about a 75% win rate on JNet. It's easily my best deck (before you ask, I've been playing this before Metropole Grid and I was yelling at him to get up to 3 copies of Mestnichestvo when I watched his video).

Mutually Assured Destruction for tags and Trick of Light for fast advance. Ice are taxing for Boat. Get to 7 points as fast as you can and if they build a doom rig, just level all your rezzed cards and blow them up on your next turn. Code gates and PAD campaigns are economic multipliers.

Agendas: Standard Weyland stuff. No Hostile Takeover as I'm conducting economic war (no BP wanted) and I want to minimize the agenda density. Azef Protocol is a nice surprise and I've won games by knocking out a boat or a key breaker. Oaktown Renovation is a key economic card for the deck. Project Atlas can tutor or just be a never advance/fast advance target

Assets: You don't need the PAD Campaign money but it doesn't hurt. The main purpose of the PAD Campaign is to be an installed card that the runner probably won't bother to trash. Then you can trash the PAD Campaign yourself for Stavka, Azef Protocol or Mutually Assured Destruction. I’m also happy if they do trash it as that is more time for me to rush out. Regolith Mining License is a great economic accellerator after rezzing some expensive ice. If I need the money, it goes in the scoring server, otherwise it can just sit out and I can rez it for Mutually Assured Destruction or trash it for Stavka or Azef Protocol. Spin Doctor is obvious.

Events: End of the Line for tag punishment. Mutually Assured Destruction for tags. Hedge Fund and Government Subsidy for economy.

Trick of Light replaced Public Trail and I love it. Being able to fast advance the final agenda makes winning against boat so much easier. Most of your ice have at least 1 advancement counter, you just have to add one more at some point during the game to enable fast advance.

I strongly believe Mutually Assured Destruction is a better tag card in the current meta as everyone is and/or should be running 3x No Free Lunch. PAD Campaign, Regolith Mining License, Ice Wall, Whitespace and Maskirovka are all great to trash after they have served their purpose as a gear check. Swamping their No Free Lunch is actually pretty easy since most players only play one at a time for some reason.

Ice: Ice Wall and Maskirovka are 1 cost gear check ice (assuming Maskirovka's first sub fires). Pharos goes on my most important servers and can get to 10 strength for a net 1 credit and 3 clicks thanks to Weyland Consortium: Built to Last.

Mestnichestvo in Weyland Consortium: Built to Last is probably the best ice in the game. 4 credit differential every run. That's a Sure Gamble of value. I can't think of an ice that even comes close. Mestnichestvo is also a savage face check as long as you advance when installing. Whitespace is also a nasty facecheck and only costs 2, making it great for all of our trash effects.

Stavka can win games by trashing critical programs when they run low on credits.

That's it.

As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.

1 Mar 2023 valerian32

Cool deck and explanation! = D

1 Mar 2023 Wrecko

Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

1 Mar 2023 revengeanceful

Deck looks extremely mean, I love it. Can you explain what "the Modernism deck" means?

1 Mar 2023 Oddball

@Wrecko Really neat deck. I love the Mestnichestvos!

1 Mar 2023 Oddball

@revengeanceful It's a reference to a classic Weyland Archetype.


2 Mar 2023 Wrecko

@revengeanceful Modernism is a Weyland Deck archetype that focuses on scoring out as quickly as possible, but threatens a pile of Meat damage if the runner makes a mistake. It forces the runner to walk a tight-rope of being able to clear/avoid tags while still building their rig and stealing agendas to keep pace. It usually has program destruction to reset the gear check ice. The original version didn’t care about BP but mine has assets and also focuses on economic hits to slow down the runner’s rig set-up. It’s like NBN fast advance but with the twin sticks of program destruction and meat damage.

2 Mar 2023 Wrecko

Also, thanks for the feedback, @Oddball and @revengeanceful? I’m glad you like it.

2 Mar 2023 rgdelato

I don't know where you would find the influence, but I wonder if a singleton Biotic Labor could do work here, both since you're using MAD into EotL as your kill combo and it also doubles as fast-advance.

But yeah, this deck looks fun!

2 Mar 2023 revengeanceful

@Wrecko Thanks for the explanation on the archetype, super helpful! Do you happen to know where the name Supermodernism came from? Like, why is it called that?

2 Mar 2023 revengeanceful

Sorry, meant the name “Modernism”. Thanks again!

3 Mar 2023 Wrecko

Thanks @rgdelato! I could sub out Trick of Light and a Spin Doctor. I'm not willing to lose the Mestnichestvos. Honestly, I try to fire off MAD earlier than I'm comfortable with (usually in response to the Boat being installed) and before they are near game point. That way they have to get lucky and find multiple agendas in one turn. Sometimes they get lucky. Usually they don't.

@revengeanceful I'm not sure, honestly. I think the first deck was called that and it just stuck.

15 Mar 2023 Crimps

I felt like I needed a bit more ICE, so I swapped a Mutually Assured Destruction for a Hortum and dropped one Government Subsidy for a Ballista.

The hortum is good because its an advance target, with a lil AI hate built in.

With Project Atlas I can tutor in the MAD or EOTL if I need when it gets lategame, so im not worried only having one.


24 Mar 2023 Wrecko

Sorry @Crimps I didn’t see this message. Both those changes make sense.

I stuck with 2 Mutually Assured Destruction in case of sabotage, but I totally get searching for it with Atlas token.

Subbing in another ice isn’t a bad idea but you increased the cost of the deck by 10 credits (Ballista costs 5 and Government Subsidy makes 5). I’d just make sure you aren’t ever clicking for credits. I usually end a game never clicking for credits or clicking for credits once. The rest of the time, I’m advancing ice for the dollar thanks to Weyland Consortium: Built to Last’s ability. It’s a rush deck so you can’t afford the tempo hit of clicking for credits. If you aren’t clicking for credits then I think you improved the deck, since it is a touch light on ice.

24 Apr 2023 Neither

Have you ever considered Seamless Launch over Trick of Light?

18 Mar 2024 Wrecko

@Neither you want Trick of Light over Seamless Launch because once the boat drops, you probably aren’t keeping the runner out. Trick of Light means you can go install, Trick of Light (2 advancement counters) and advance to fast advance a 3/2 and hopefully win the game.