Snake Eyes 4627


Cold Read is amazing with Self-modifying Code, since the SMC trash satisfies the downside of Cold Read. Cold Read works both as a tool to help tutor with, or to trash assets. Worst case if you want to use it to break into an expensive server, you can just trash a Cloak. Corroder is favourable to Paperclip here as you can Cold Read it out for free, and this deck is running 2x Clone Chip and a Levy AR Lab Access for recursion anyway.

The Gauntlet provides all of the MU you really need as well as all of the HQ multiaccess.

Medium deep digs is the main win-con as well Indexing to get quality picks. Equivocation amplifies the depth you can dig with Medium to close out games.

10 Jan 2017 CodeMarvelous

The Gauntlet was alway too expensive in my CTM matchups. How are you finding it?

10 Jan 2017 Snake Eyes

I love it and I'm sold that it is a fantastic shaper splash here. The CtM matchup can be rough if their assets get out of hand, but Cold Read and Misdirection can help against them. Because I'm running 2 copies of it, if the timing on the tempo hit of 5c is too much, I'll ditch the first one and wait for some Tem├╝jin Contract bucks to come in to play the 2nd.

10 Jan 2017 ouroborosglyx

"Cold Read is amazing with Self-modifying Code, since the SMC trash satisfies the downside of Cold Read."

Sadly, this is not actually true. At the end of the run you have to trash an installed program.

10 Jan 2017 ouroborosglyx

Unless you mean that you can make a run, tutor with cold read, then not use any other programs. But isn't that just an awkward situational Sure Gamble?

10 Jan 2017 Snake Eyes

It's not awkward if you're playing with tempo bby. It becomes a BETTER sure gamble as you get click compression as it triggers a run and you get the install via SMC. If you need to trash a thing you trash a cloak.

11 Jan 2017 dawspawn

It seems like you could cut some things for 2x Modded. I'm looking at Lockpick and/or Escher in some combination. That would help with tempo and also works for Plascrete/Dagger/Medium.

You could also go in on the Fan Site Artist Colony combo, which is amazing with Cold Read. With Net Mercur out, you can get The Gauntlet down for free!