Trick of Titan

Quarg 273

A fairly simple Titan rush / fast advance deck, with a more extreme fast advance focus.

Did ok at Reading's October GNK, getting 3 wins and 2 losses.

Round 1: A wonky as heck draw gave me basically all my fast advance tools, but I never drew an Atlas, I ended up using RPC to get 12 counters on a Colossus on R&D, but against Smoke, 4 stealth credits to get through it was little more than an inconvenience.

Round 2: A good early draw let me score an Atlas with an extra counter behind a couple ice while Rahul was setting up; and from there I just Atlas trained to victory.

Round 3: Fast advanced to 5 points against Johno's Smoke while he couldn't threaten Clot, but an Indexing forced me to spend an Atlas counter early; I used it to grab a Preemptive to put 3 fast advance tools back in R&D, lucked into drawing an Atlas, but then he threatened clot by overwriting half his rig with an SMC. I bluffed a Hostile to draw out clot, and he was unable to snatch the atlas from hand in one last run into HQ, and I scored it from hand to close the game.

Round 4: Managed to fast advance to 4 points against Alex Borill playing Danny Manchester, but he'd already grabbed one of the Atlases, I managed to get set up to RPC a Food... then he Apocalypsed me, but I was able to quickly recover and get set up again... then he Apocalypsed me again, after which he soon got the Food from HQ to end the game.

Round 5: Against Leela, I was able to fast advance most of my points with little issue, though Leela's bounces did make keeping ice with counters on a bit of a challenge. Archived Memories for Audacity let me score the final Atlas from the deck for the game.

Some Thoughts:

Priority Construction is a good card, but this deck struggles to score out of a remote at the best of times, and this card doesn't actually do a ton to help with that, as you still need econ to rez the ice, and advance the agenda you are trying to score, and unless it's a turn 2 or 3 play; you are leaving your centrals open, and if you are waiting a turn or two, the runner probably has something for dealing with the remote anyway, Kaguya or Dedication Ceremony may actually be better choices for this deck.

Audacity is surprisingly useful to have around, even if you do sometimes end up binning a GFI to score an Atlas with it, it's usually still the right call, could easily go up to 2x, but probably not worth being 3x. Can be used to score an Atlas turn 1, but that's probably never a good idea.

Ark Lockdown is largely here for dealing with Clot, particularly with Clone Chips; CVS would also help with that, and can help shut down the Turtle, which is well worth considering, occasionally has value for hitting a Paperclip that is foolishly discarded.

Fast Track should be in here, plain and simple, as you need to draw an Atlas to get going, and basically just lose if you can't find one fairly quickly.

Vanilla is sucky against the turtle, and can't be advanced, you should probably have another Ice Wall instead.