Shhhh. It's naptime. [2nd at Ysengrin's]

jan tuno 734

@Cyanx9 got the idea for this amazing deck and we worked on it together for a while. I decided to take it for a spin and it works!

The Nihilist was completely overlooked for a good amount of time, maybe rightly so. But it got a lot of support in Gateway, with cards like Tranquilizer generating a lot of useless virus counters. This allows you to put the Corp under a lot of pressure, and draw a lot of cards to Carnivore their hand away while their remote is locked by Botuli.

This deck usually goes for HQ + Remote lock, but has the resources for pressuring R&D as well. Pressuring the Corp's credits (a strategy generally feasible against anyone except for NBNs, which tend to be filthy rich) can get you anywhere, and a smart use of your Simulchip can create vulnerabilities out of nothing. Mind the Cookbook!

This deck is not yet perfected and still needs a lot of hand-hacking. Some slots are a bit weird and it's tough to balance speed and ease of remote access vs solidity in the long term. The influence budget is also tough. A third Simulchip, a Boomerang, Tread Lightly and Career Fair would all be reasonable includes (with the third Tranquilizer probably paying the price).

At yesterday's tournament this deck went 2-1, only losing against a very smart Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design that immediately drew two Magnets and proceeded to score out on turn 6 by playing Seamless Launch four times. Grounds for Boomerang?

11 Apr 2021 chaosof99

Congrats on the finish. This deck looks very interesting.

I tried this deck out but switched out a Tranquilizer and a Xanadu for two Career Fair (and an unspent influence) because the number of high-cost Resources looked ghastly. Still, even with one less programs I noticed that this deck is tight on MU if you hare forced to install all your "backup" breakers and want a Fermenter ticking.

The next game I switched out Docklands pass for a DZMZ Optimizer, which looked useful with the amount of program installs and the lack of MU in the deck, though perhaps a T400 would also suffice one really wants to keep Docklands Pass in.

Perhaps one can also consider removing the third Earthrise. Between two Earthrise, the Nihilist, DreamNet and Jailbreak, this deck seems to draw enough cards, plus Gachapon to find stuff.

11 Apr 2021 jan tuno

I rarely install my icebreakers unless there is a real need to. I think Corroder comes out the most frequently, and Utae sometimes in case there are magnets around. But generally, if things get so crowded and messy that you need icebreakers, it's probably not too far until the game ends so it's ok to throw away a virus or two for those last accesses.

The third earthrise could be removed, but it's a tough call to make since The Nihilist is so conditional. I expect that as people learn how to play against nihilist they will tend to let you draw less and less. Still a good remove if you want to include something else

12 Apr 2021 chaosof99

Maybe I am playing this wrong, but I saw myself somewhat "forced" to install those ice breakers after drawing into them as to not potentially lose them due to net damage. I guess Simulchip can save them, but I imagined Simulchip to be here to discourage ice trashes (since the Botulus or Tranq will just get returned).

18 Apr 2021 Akira.Chisaka

re: @chaosof99

I think I want to play 3 Simulchip. And grab breakers back when I need them. I feel like breakers are mostly used to decrease the penalty when face checking ice you already slept.