Rezeki me Timbers -variation, 3-1 in Helsinki GNK

AxWill 291

Khusuyk horror Your opponent revealing 6 cards from RnD.

Basically pj20s Pirate deck with minor tweaks, no promises they were for the better...

  • Levy AR Lab Access into Beth Kilrain-Chang. This I think was good. Deck struggles mostly with setup and once ready, can win quite rapidly, which is why 3rd Levy felt like overkill. Cutting second one feels risky in case the only copy gets eaten by event-only Peddlers, but I never Levied more than once per game.
  • Reclaim into Same Old Thing. This can be argued, but I think it gave me a bit more mobility to, for example get extra-Khusyuk in case one got trashed for whatever reason. I considered 3 Khusyuks, but you can't easily get to RnD 3 times per Levy if you want to threaten remotes.

Game plan:

  • Get Tech Traders, DJ Geist and Rezekis up. Install everything and Khusyuk+"Freedom Through Equality" for the win. Run remote to prevent scores, if necessary. Main weakness with this deck is, that it takes while to setup and in case you don't get your money engine running, your opponent might be able to rush you.

Possibe cuts:

  • 46 cards? Sorry, couldn't figure which one to leave out. Misdirection and Engolo were most situational ones, but on the other hand rest of the cards can't accomplish what they do. So maybe Reclaim or Same Old Thing? I've never been too good at the deck building part of Netrunner and even less with fine-tuning.

But this is just as fun to play as any pirate ever.