Bouncy Bois - 5th at Euros

MrEhjiwurth 1634

Pad Ring

Hello? No...No I'm sorry sir you must have the wrong address. We don't serve Ice Cream here only trampolines. Why trampolines you say? Well to bounce those pesky Runners away from our SSL Endorsed Degrees in Bounciology. It's the only Education to put a spring in your step. Hahaha...Hello? I think he hung up on me. - Bouncy Bois Customer Assistant.

Have you ever looked at a Runner's board and just thought to yourself "I really don't like that. If only there was a way to make it go away. Just for a turn!" Well look no further friend! At Bouncy Bois we have all your Runner aggravating needs. After all, how they gonna type up all those intricate codes and hacking algorithms when we convert their rig into a bouncy castle!? We have all the experts and training you'll need to not only send them nuisances away but also profit from it with a little Death and Taxes (Death is not included and sold separately). Our Degrees are portected by only the finest Bouncy Bioroids Ash 2X3ZB9CY! Why are they the bounciest? Because it's a alliteration so they must be!

"I'm sad you sent my Security Nexus back to my grip" - Rotom

"What is Self Growth Program?" - About 3/4's of my opponents

"If your playing Black Level Clearance in Azmari I'm gonna be mad" - Chris Dyer

This deck was a redesign of one I saw here!

And whilst I loved this great amalgamation of Runner hate I didn't want to rely on Batty and Sandmans for my triggers so I tweaked it a bit to fit around a more taxing, tempo interrupting deck. The idea is to rudely mess with the runner and score out on their weakest moments. Archangel and Jua by far doing tremendous work at making each run daunting and expensive. You have no idea how many Val's I tripped up with a Jua and Wraparound remote. R.I.P Paperclip for you will forever remain in the heap.

SEA Source and Self-Growth Program was my tricksy combo to really target something that would painfully hit the runner where it hurts. When I want to setup for a scoring window I'd Closed Accounts them as well making them lose a decent amount of clicks as I score out my 5/3's. The deck performed leaps and bounds above expectations and only lost 1 game in the Swiss against all factions minus Sunny and Apex. We'll need to experiment on the bouncy assessments of them later on.

Fairchild 3.0 and News Hound as well were absolutely insane values for tax and no one saw them coming in my deck I got a lot of opponents with these two. All in all this deck is nice but definitely needs some more tweaking to be great.

Play's of the championship

1# Sending back a 419's Security Nexus and Aumakua to hand after I boosted the trace on a News Hound and then trashing their power tap with my last click.

2# Bouncing back two God of Wars against a tag me least four times. I lost but it was totally worth it for the grin on my face.

3# A Valencia Stimhacking my remote server to hit a Jua only for them to then hit a Wraparound.

Fail of the Championship

Drawing 5/6 of my agenda's against the King of Swiss Chris Dyer in Cut.

I want to thank all those who supported me throughout the cut. Cheered me on and gave me the confidence to end up 5th which was a position I was no where near expecting from having built the deck properly the day of the event (Also I had to buy Council of the Crest at the expo because i didn't actually have it so I had to build it just as we was starting). The judges were super awesome and hard working so big props to them. I know there was technical difficulties throughout the day but they worked their butts off to remedy it. Also Johno for his stellar coverage of the event as always, the commentators and my local Meta. The two Daves who have helped me grow and become a even better Runner I swear I would be nowhere without them. They make the Aldershot meta so great and strange. Like a Hawaiian Pizza.

Please feel free to give me feedback I appreciate all the critiques I can get so I can give the big bois and pros a run for their money.

5 Jun 2018 DarthIA

Glad you liked my Master of None deck!

I think your version has more "direct" taxing (loving the Tollbooth), though I also like how an early unexpected Sandman can affect the runner's tempo so much.

My favourite Self-Growth Program play was bouncing two Dhegdheers hosting Magnum Opus and Laamb against a careless Kabonesa :D

How did you find running only 3 currents? Was that sufficient for having News Hound at full potential? Death and Taxes is definitely a huge economic engine in this deck.

Congrats for the top finish!

5 Jun 2018 scd

Cool deck but needs to run 3x Hatchet Job to maximize theme.

5 Jun 2018 MrEhjiwurth

But how can one bounce with hatchets!? Madness I say. It's a health and safety hazard to bounce with hatchets in hand we'd be sued to hell and back! D:

5 Jun 2018 DarthIA

@scdnice catch! :D

6 Jun 2018 BlueShellGhost

I'm an average, casual player. Like this deck and it's very similat one I've been playing recently. May I ask, how do you guarantee you'll tag an opponent for closed accounts/SGP? By my count, you only have 3 cards that MAY give tags. I'm interested because I want to be able to do it!

8 Jun 2018 MrEhjiwurth

@BlueShellGhostThe best advice I can give you is to not count on this combo to win you games. The sea source is a tempo hit to the runner if they choose to rush you early or tax themselves out on a run to a very low credit amount. The best way to win with a deck like this is to make the runner commit to bad decisions. Rushing them to act before they want to is how I won most games. Best way to improve is to play tons of games and learn when your scoring windows are available.

19 Jun 2018 Rek

I'm confused. How can Paperclip stay in the Heap if Jua's on-encounter ability fires AFTER Paperclip's on-encounter ability (runner has priority)?

19 Jun 2018 Rek

Whoops. I just needed another minute to think, apparently.