Exchange Student (Und Nuutzen!)

PureFlight 1068

Inspired by Wilfy's worlds deck using Jeeves Model Bioroids + MCA Austerity Policy, and having thoroughly enjoyed the German Nats stream in October, I pieced this deck together for our local GNK. It beat Aesop's Haley and Clone Chip Haley, but lost to Sunny because she blanked most of my ice.

The core idea is to use Team Sponsorship to chain together MCAAPs. Tech Startup gets them on the board together. Think of the combo like a strange tempo-fluctuating SanSan.

3 AR-ES because MCAAP is a must-trash and you have to protect your engine. Vitriol is neat but I didn't use it much because it was usually stolen. Net Quarantine is also good in CtM and would have obviously helped a ton vs Sunny or other link runners.

The biggest deckbuilding flaw here is getting Jeeves in means you don't have influence for GFI. Re-ed never lost me any games, and against Sunny I even scored it! But I didn't use the ability because my hand was Hedge, Hedge, Hedge, HHN and I had a Jeeves on the table.

I've been slotting Tapestry in most of my decks recently and it's doing a ton of work on R&D against Indexing. It's DNA-level bonkers to break (7 for Gordian!) so the trick is finding when the subs matter. And they ALL matter during Indexing runs.

And yes, I shouted "Und Nuutzen!" each time I used MCAAP. :-D

11 Nov 2017 anr_marsellus

As the person who accidentally created this meme, I approve of this <3

11 Nov 2017 PureFlight

@anr_marsellus it is a great meme! Mostly because it is fun as hell to hit the table and shout "UND NUUTZEN! Lose a click."