Prison PE - 1st and 4th @ Holy SC

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A month or so ago, after a bunch of Startup games vs my sister, she told me she wanted to play a little bit of Standard, but didn't really wanna play against the t1 decks. So here I was, having to build an interesting, fun and proactive corp deck without it being too strong. I already had some things in mind:

  • I wanted to play a non glacier Jinteki deck (because Jinteki kinda sucks), so assets felt the most natural thing.

  • I recently found out about the Jeeves + Kakurenbo interaction, allowing you to FA agendas from HQ (thanks b4ralai), which I wanted to use.

So I put together a weird mix of cards, with a couple more from Gateway, just to play a bunch of games. Playing vs Alice with lots of disruption was great, with both decks feeling clearly low power, so we had a bit of fun and just left them there after a while. I shared the list with the rest of our local community, some people cracked a joke and that was pretty much it.
Two weeks or so went by and I started watching my sis play it in Casual and winning pretty hard with it. Then again. And again. She had refined the list a little, cutting some cute cards and actually making it pretty solid. I jumped back in, we played it a little more and improved it.
This is what we came up with, a prison assets PE deck with a good number of memey cards. Enjoy!

Relevant cards

  • Prana Condenser: this little pest is a really big part of the deck. It provides you with a lot of money every time you're about to deal damage, threatens to kill and is 4 to trash. If not contested it just leads to a win. It's also hilarious with a scored House of Knives.

  • Bio-Ethics: every seasoned player knows how annoying this card is. Sure, you don't have the IG tax in here, but it becomes a Bankers with Prana on the table or helps us kill the runner. It doesn't win the game by itself, but it makes things soo much easier for us.

  • Jeeves: our favorite Bioroid. Even when not paired with Kakurenbo, it's still a super nice card to have, we're a spammy deck after all.

  • Kakurenbo: this is one of the weirdest cards of the deck, but I still love it. You can FA an agenda from HQ with Jeeves out, or simply recur an asset from the bin. It's not the best, but getting back the last Spin Doc or a Bio-Ethics at the right time could be big.

  • Warroid Tracker: this card will probably function differently under the new NISEI rules, but I was told it should still work on remotes. This is what lets your important assets survive on the board and what forces the runner to care about their money. It's also still amazing vs Stargate.

  • False Lead: it's the latest addition. It allows you to get surprise kills on careless runners and helps protect you from Apoc. If they run on 2 centrals and you think it's coming, pop this and pop Prana with a couple tokens next turn. You have good chances of killing that disgusting card.

Holy SC

guiot and I played this list and both went 3-1 with it, losing only to Freedom (probably the worst matchup), while still having a close game. To be fair, any anarch with lots of disruption will have a good time vs you, as Imp + Consume can really f you hard, with I've Had Worse being amazing against damage.

I'm not the biggest fan of this meta right now (especially runner side), but this deck is too much fun and the tournament was great.
Huge thanks Berzelius for the organization, every opponent I faced and just about everyone else for being really great and fun people. Love y'all.
Also thanks again to testrunning and Kelfecil for playing with us despite the language barrier, I hope that wasn't too annoying :P

Congrats sis for first place (again??) <3

Always be Running!


9 May 2021 guiot


9 May 2021 Berzelius


9 May 2021 Testrunning

In retrospective: the only runner games I won were against this deck. So definitely don't ban this deck.

9 May 2021 Berzelius