[STARTUP] Androgynous Hottie Seeks Femme Fatale

harmonbee 131

Androgynous hottie (??, X) seeks Femme Fatale (??, F) for long walks fistfights on the beach, corporate espionage and martial arts. Needs to have that special spark and a yolo attitude. Promises dates which are out of this world.

[The joke about Sneakdoor Beta was cut as this is a family-friendly website.]

Must also be comfortable with an active life, spending every waking moment on the run.

send help my best friends are making me write this profile

This is the runner deck I brought to the Netbrummers Startup 2nament, which I was also TOing. Luckily there were an odd number of players without me, so I got to play. Since I was TOing, I knew that I wanted my decks to be as fast and aggressive as possible so that I could have lots of time within the round for judge calls and generally running the event. It went 1-2, beating Ampere but losing to two very different Thule decks. My Corp was Built to Last.

This deck can be summarised by a simple conversation I had:

"What does Mercury do in the mid-game?"
"What's a mid-game?"

Get in early by running aggressively and forcing rezzes to keep the Corp poor, and then later you can Spark of Inspiration to grab Femme Fatale to consistently get past an ice. Try to keep a foothold on HQ via a Femme or two, charge up WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ through a bunch of HQ runs or Sneakdoor Beta, and then S-Dobrado into R&D to get 4 or 5 accesses and hopefully steal what you need. Jailbreak + Docklands Pass + Mercury: Chrome Libertador gets you four accesses from HQ in a single run, which can also help close the game.

Pennyshaver is used instead of Hermes because I was nervous about the economy of this deck and I thought that I run too aggressively for there to be many rezzed cards left. It's also fantastic with Security Testing and your other run economy. Instead of Hermes we have Reprise, which won me one game when I stole an agenda, played Reprise to bounce an installed Spin Doctor and then ran on Archives to steal the winning agenda.

The reliance on run economy is this deck's weakness, and something I might work on: if the Corp ices up enough, like what happened to me against Thule Harmonics in round 2, suddenly your economy is stuck. A Career Fair + Liberated Account + Earthrise Hotel package could do most of the work, and thus allow for Hermes instead of Pennyshaver? Alternatively, I could just double-down on run economy and add En Passant so you can Inside Job past an ice to trash it. Regardless, much to think about: I'll definitely keep tweaking this deck because Mercury is so fun to play, and would definitely recommend trying Mercury out!