Smoke (1st at Vancouver Circuit Opener)

Aubirb 98

This list was taken pretty wholesale from Quacktapus's worlds list (, with just a few tweaks. This deck feels incredibly powerful, you have a ton of economy, and if you manage to get everything up and running you really do feel invincible.

That being said, I found that it felt like many of the times I lost were because I had to just draw and draw and draw, flush with economy but no way to actually run since all my breakers and Self-modifying Codes were at the bottom of the deck. So swapping the Aniccams for Endurances felt like an extra way to get up and running a bit faster, and I do think its the right choice.

That being said, I still definitely lost games where everything was too deep to get going in time. The other Smoke player in the top cut mentioned they were running Earthrise Hotel to help with some extra draw power, which I like a lot.

Additionally I didn't give Peace in Our Time enough of a chance, that burst of economy can be super useful especially with the expensive cards we're running. Putting it back in over DJ Fenris is... probably the right choice, but swapping out Clot for two instead means I can still live the dream of the DJ Sable-fueled Deep Dive, and Sportsmetal still has to respect it at least until we prove we don't have it. Mad Dash is probably the other card I'd cut for that version, I didn't play against many 5/3-only agenda suites, but between The Twinning and deep dive it just doesn't feel necessary. Additionally with the extra economy I think I'll be testing swapping out the Daily Casts for 2 copies of earthrise hotel, our economy feels good enough I was never really eager to play the casts.

31 Oct 2022 Scrub!

There's nothing scarier than watching Smoke run at your undefended Archives for a 3rd click. Also I never gave Afterimage enough credit here, what an annoying icebreaker to go up against, very rarely are you going to have to run through two sentries in a single turn.

Great job at the tournament, what a solid deck here.

5 Nov 2022 mao

Originallly it's actually my list from the American Championship, and I'm happy to see it still on top. It's a list that indeed shouldn't have been touched, as every slot was extremely calculated. Congratulations for the placement!