Awuuuuu! York Regional 1st Place (Undefeated 5-0)

just_rob 852

So, I don't have any sort of witty write up here because, well, there isn't anything witty or very different about this deck. It's the same Wu deck that has been jumping around for a few weeks and doing well across the board. I am confident that it is the best runner deck right now. It is relatively straightforward to play and has good match ups across a wide variety of corps. The base engine of the deck is near impossible to disrupt and you have slots to use to combat different corp strategies depending on what you expect. There were 6 Wu at this event, 4 made the cut and the other 2 were in 12th and 13th. (38 Players - 5 rounds top 8)

I wouldn’t be surprised if something in this list gets a whack with the MWL stick because I honestly feel like it can handle most decks and could be tweaked to adjust for the meta.

It reliably gets 3 Rezeki out turn 1/2 Via Peace, Gamble, Stimhack, scavenge and Wu's ability. The engine set up is very robust and fast, get SMC, tear them down for Rezeki, or better yet get Rezeki and scavenge it.
Obligatory GIF now inserted:

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After that it uses surfer and Laamb to melt even the largest of remotes, and has plenty of shenanigans to dodge Kaguos, data ravens, help prevent multi border control server runs etc etc. You should also ways be in a position to challenge remotes and when you can use Freedom through equality and Khusyuk to go digging to close games. Given the number of 3 point agenda being used right now, Freedom is a card I would love to have a second of.

It is a passive deck, it makes a few, efficient, impactful runs whilst keeping its credit pool high via 3 a turn drip and the econ package of Kati, Beth, Gamble, Peace PAD tap, Stimhack and of course Rezeki.

So then the Tech cards for match ups – Clot, Feedback Filter, Hunting grounds and Misdirection in this case. I expect Clot and Misdirection to be in all shaper decks, Hunting grounds was there to help with Data loop decks and Data Raven decks. Feedback filter for IG Combos and Mushin decks. I never used Feedback filter on the day but was happy to have it there given the decks I saw around. I suppose I should note that compared to other Wu decks I cut 1 Akamatsu and 1 clone chip for Kati and Feedback Filter to stay at 45 cards because if this deck has any weakness is it does not have great draw 3 Diesel and that is that. I am happy with both of these changes. 3 Akamatsu is not needed, you just need to prioritise getting leprechaun out after rezeki and you are good to go. In testing I had barely used cyber cypher or Ika so clone chips were not really being used. I didn’t need Ika all day and only installed Cyber cypher in 1 game, 2 clone chips was more than enough. I could see hunting grounds, feedback filter and Kati being swapped around to accommodate other decks.

I paired my runner with this:

I had limited expectations going into the day and had targeted making the cut. I was pretty surprised to win the thing! My route was Sweep Split Sweep, ID, ID into the cut in 5th. I didn’t drop a game in the cut and a couple of the games you can see here. Gagarin Vs Wu where I just managed to sneak out a kill in a really unusual fashion and then the final game where the Shaper lock on glacier was in full effect.

Wu Vs Gagarin - Cut round 1

Azmari Vs Wu - Grand Final

A huge thank you to Akira for running the event! A really great day and thank you to all of my opponents, Ash, Andrew, Alice, Chris, Ben, Pauly and Ben again in the final for fantastic, high quality games against really lovely people.

12 Aug 2019 apo

@just_rob after the first steal you were dead to double punitive. Since it was the final game of the day, I guess it wasn't a mystery your opponent haven't included them?

12 Aug 2019 just_rob

@apo Yeah in the cut games are open deck lists so I knew the Azmari list had no traps or Punitive. It had Sea Source EOI but I was never going to be able to stop Azmari money after a certain point regardless so that was always going to happen!

12 Aug 2019 percomis

help prevent multi border control server runs

What helps to prevent these exactly? You Laamb the ICE on the outermost position, if they have a rezzed BC they just wait for you to surf inside, break the ICE and send you home. Now you have to break every ICE on the remote. Or is this just referencing the fact that you have normal breakers?

12 Aug 2019 just_rob

@percomis, The prevention is in 2 different ways, one in how difficult it is to get the BC rezzed in the first place. It forces the Corp to either be very particular with their ice position in order to keep putting border control on the outside of the remote or they need to be using thimblerig to move it around, or pre Rez it via oversight AI or similar (Blue Sun).

Even if they do get one on the outside, If the server is all unrezzed, you only need to go twice, and it won't use the Laamb ability as BC is a barrier. Even with a 4 deep remote that is 8 credits to surf it in and break it. I'd pretty happily spend 8 credits to get rid of a Border control given the amount of drip econ the deck builds. Stimhack money covers this and as with most shaper lock decks you ideally want to have enough cash to challenge the remote normally anyway. So to have Multiple BC runs they need to have 2 BC specifically on the outside of the server

It is a good Corp strategy if they can, to force you to run the remote to get BC rezzed and then not use the ETR so you have one sitting waiting to go to try and set up the situation you describe. Easier said than done though but it is a good line to take to try and secure the remote. That is why although I have rarely used the other breakers, they would stay in the deck because they are cheap and efficient to allow you to challenge a remote with tricks.

If the Corp cannot get a BC on the outside then they may not get a chance to Rez it if you keep surfing over it, so then they cannot ETR after Laamb's ability has been used.

It's really a bonkers good combination just now!

12 Aug 2019 Sidehatch

I mean, the rez windows for ICE don't specify that the ICE has to be the approached ICE. So the corp could rez BC and the outermost ICE at the same window (2e in Timing Structure of a run at

Am I wrong in this understanding?

12 Aug 2019 NtscapeNavigator


6.4.3 The paid ability window in step 6.9.2e of the Approach Ice Phase is the only time the Corp can normally rez ice. In this window, the Corp only gains the ability to rez the piece of ice being approached, not any other ice.

12 Aug 2019 NtscapeNavigator

Also for people watching the twitch vods. The final ends abruptly when my data died, there is another video that starts 5 mins after when I get the stream back up. :)

12 Aug 2019 Sidehatch

Thank you, @Blonde Haired Hacker Girl!

15 Aug 2019 .wil

Awoooo! Well done Rob, you star!

17 Aug 2019 just_rob

@.wil Awooooo indeed!

19 Aug 2019 lopert

Nice list!

How important are the Peace in Our Times? Whenever I see a Wu list, I feel like there's not much utility to the ID after the first few turns, so I'm always trying to fit in a Rebirth. Either to Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar for extra shaper nonsense or Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain for those pesky Ravens.

Would the Leprechaun be better as another Akamatsu Mem Chip? The "final" rig is 3x Rezeki, 1x Surfer, 1x Laamb, and a slot for utility programs, right? 7MU fits with the 3 Akamatsu Mem Chip (and Astrolabe)

19 Aug 2019 just_rob

@lopert The PioT are incredibly useful, to a certain degree you don't actually care how much money the corp has so it is a straight-up +9 credits for a click. The rig does fit in with the 7MU, but leprechaun allows you to use SMC freely to go and get that utility program, another Akamatsu would not, along with the fact you can tutor for it very easily in Wu the leprechaun is really worthwhile over Akamatsu. Rebirth would be interesting and fun for sure, in terms of competitive play though I'm not sure how much value it would have, worth a test though!

20 Aug 2019 azkiel

@just_rob Thanks for the deck, I won a regional with it. I added a 3rd Clone Chip and a 2nd Laamb instead of the sentry breaker.

@lopert I feel that PioT is very important to the deck, I think this is the best card you want to have in your starting hand and as @just_robsaid, you don't really care about corp money, so you have a good chance of using it mid game after getting low on money, which you will do since these surfer runs can get pretty expensive. Also, don't forget they synergize with Pad Tap!

I also thought about Rebirth, almost cut a Stimhack for it, which would have been a mistake for sure. I don't think the Rebirth targets are good enough though. Jesminder might sound good, but you already have Hunting Ground and you'll only encounter 1 ICE per turn since you're surfing.

20 Aug 2019 Council

Werewolves of London?

I unfortunately have no valuable input, but I will test this deck extensively in the coming days to get a better feel for it.

Thanks for sharing!