Shoot the Moon (1st Netbrummers Startup Tournament)

znsolomon 204

Welcome to a fresh spicy brew! Grab a seat by the pool, get comfy.

In case the 19 assets didn't clue you in, this is an assetspam deck. The aim here is to gain an economic advantage over the runner with assets that cost more to trash than you spent on them, like PAD campaign, Bladderwort, and Marylin. Once the Runner's down on cash, you can throw a SanSan behind some cheap ice (or some not so cheap ice) and start scoring agendas.

Well, that would be the plan at least. Except, we don't have enough 3/2s to reliably score out with just SanSan.

Enter Moon Pool.

Moon Pool lets you score a 4/2 from hand, assuming you have 2 other agendas already in there. It looks something like this:

  1. Install Moon Pool behind ICE (or amongst the other assets) in a previous turn. You also need at least 5 credits.

  2. Install-Advance-Advance a 4/2 agenda (you have two choices here)

  3. Rez Moon Pool and use it, discarding the other 2 agendas. Reveal and shuffle them, and put the last 2 advancements on the agenda to score it.

Doing this even once puts you in a huge advantage for the rest of the game, because not only have you just scored an agenda (that may have made you 7 credits), you also removed 2 agendas from hand that the runner now can't get (also if you're against Esa maybe those agendas were in the bin already).

Other ways of scoring agendas include: Beale off a SanSan, rushing behind Enigma, or just making a taxing remote with Tollbooth and doing it the normal way. At the tourney I went 2-1, beating a Boatless Padma and Loup, and losing to a Loup who got a pretty nutty draw.

The deck isn't perfect, some easy changes to make is replacing the FoI with Cryptocrash (you don't actually land tags very often and the tempo hit is much better than sometimes having another 3/2), cutting some ICE (without FoI I think we can lose a Funhouse), and swapping the Bladderwort for other econ Assets to fit a third Pool in there.

NBN fast advance is back (some say it never left). All they needed was a little help from a friendly Pool!

3 Mar 2023 Vacilotto

Going to try this one today, let's see how it feels

5 Mar 2023 znsolomon

Great! Let me know how it went :D

11 May 2023 Vacilotto

Had a few good matches with it, it indeed is nice but tricky to make it work.