Rogue Maxx

zmb 286

Pretty standard Maxx Counter Surveillance deck made good again by Rogue Trading. Acacia is for profitting when corp decides to purge. Trope is for early recursion of what Maxx dropped along the way. Only good early-mid game. Levy or SoT Levy for late game when breakers are hopefully installed!

Mulligan for Obelus and early money, and GoW and go Tag-Me straight away! Only ressources to install is Dummy Box and J-Mercs. The rest is installed in the turn: 1) Mars for Martians 2) Counter Surveillance 3) Dean Lister 4) CS Run

24 Apr 2018 Manadog

If you're using dummy box have you considered paparazzi over mercs? If you aren't installing other resources they're both the same to protect and one works infinitely. Also how often do you miss on the Levy with only one SOT?

25 Apr 2018 zmb

Interesting point. JM protects itself better and also gives a tag. This deck often wins before I have to levy, but yeah sometimes you miss it, but an early Trope or two fixes that. Either fire trope after using the essential resources /events to get them back, or do it with very few cards left and ass Injects so you can get them all before Maxx trashes them.