No Killer Khumalo - 4th GLC Store Champs

ZiNOS 435

DISCLAIMER: THE MKUltra slot is a mstake when importing the list from Jnet, there is no killer in the list and the total number of cards is 45. Sorry for the fuss.

This is my Khumalo deck that got me 4th at the GLC store Champ.

It is the same deck with the 10th Khumalo of the worlds, only exchanging 1 copy or Paladin for 1 copy of Trickster Taka, The deck always make a run once per turn, so the Taka money are used always, so having one copy of each card results in having 2 drip economy sources.

The deck went well in the swiss rounds but lost both games in the Top Cut, one a close game vs Sportsmetal and one a very unfavoured match vs the second of the tournament, a grindy Tennin.

Freedom is really fun to play and provides outs vs all the archetypes, since the trash ability of Freedom can actually remove any win clause of the corp. Match ups vs glacier decks may be a little tough but are winnable.