93-Card Infinity MaxX [1st Place / Undefeated, AZ Regional]

lukifer 996

Slimmed down from 100 cards to a lean 93. This pile of nonsense somehow went undefeated in the Arizona Regionals at Phoenix Gaming Lounge. Thanks to Devin and the AZ meta for hosting a fantastic event!

Also thanks to my meta-mates Spenser and Jordan for helping me test and decide on MaxX over Hayleyshop at the last minute. (The real strat was setting up a Raspberry Pi Jnet server so we could practice on the 12-hour drive.) 🤓

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The Plan

Do I really look like a gal with a plan?

Psych! Plans are a crutch. We play good cards, and blow up everything in sight. Stargate is our best card (#hashtagbanstargate), and I can attribute most of my wins to seeing it early. But ultimately we play whatever we're dealt; we have enough tools available to make strong plays in almost every situation. Just don't durdle; even at 93 cards, it's quite possible to run out of gas.

(See previous deck writeups for more on playing this style of deck.)


The last version had Clone Chip, but I found myself not using it often, so I went back to Exclusive Party. They still take too long to pay off right now; I'd like to trim down closer to 85 cards at some point.

I also swapped Maw for Turntable as the backup console; Maw is almost a win-con when we manage to install it, but it's painfully expensive. Meanwhile Turntable is super-cheap, and great tech in certain matchups (although I never happened to spin an agenda on the day).

Utae and Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 got the axe; while they occasionally did work in previous builds as a backup/hedge against bin breakers getting RFG'd, I think turtles, Femme Fatale, and D4v1d do the job well enough.




19 Aug 2019 Dirjel

Yeah, Stargate is an incredibly brutal card, and in some key ways is actually STRONGER than Keyhole (though a lot more fun to play against than Keyhole ever was). Grats on the wins, my dude. I'll come get my revenge if I find myself in Colorado in the future!

23 Aug 2019 lukifer

@Dirjel I'm pretty convinced Stargate should at least be restricted. It's not as strong as Keyhole against an open R&D, but for 1 run/per turn, it's a more effective lock, especially since you can trash ICE and filter for agendas. I've also been amazed how often I can nab two agendas during a single Stargate turn.

24 Aug 2019 gadwag

Fantastic work with such a whacky deck! What I'm really interested in though is how you went about setting up that web server to host Jnet!

29 Aug 2019 lukifer

@gadwag Thanks! The Jnet Pi took some finagling, I’m working on duplicating it a little more cleanly, so I can write up instructions. I’ll put a comment with a link on this page when I’m done!