Single Shot MaxX (88 cards) [1st Swiss/4th @ Denver SC '19]

lukifer 840

Been playing variations on this deck forever; when Clippy hit the MWL, I cut the Levy, added more cards, and went all-in on a single pass through the deck. I played it for funsies at the recent Wizard's Chest store champ in Denver, and was pleasantly surprised to go 3-1 during Swiss (single loss against blazing fast FA Titan; double Errand Boy MVP!).

There's no plan. No engine. No particular win-con. Just good cards, money, and rampant destruction. It does surprisingly well against nearly all archetypes. Just play the cards you're dealt, or power draw until you find what you need. My opponents never know what to expect, and neither do I!

We usually want Patchwork as our console, so we never have dead cards, but the deck suffers without memory, so I added a single Demolisher given the resurgence of asset spam. A 2nd might be good.

With so many cards, we have a few backup breakers in case conspiracies take too long to arrive, or a cheeky Ark Lockdown takes out all three copies. Won a game against rush Titan just by lucking into an early Corroder draw.

Favorite new addition: Climactic Showdown. Creates such an interesting fork, I usually don't care which one they pick. :)