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The name: Why is it Club Fed? (Thanks to Dis for the name!) Well because its sort of like a prison deck, but it's dressed up differently. There are lines against the deck but if the runner puts a single foot wrong or decides to leave the wrong card checked it's usually game over. The threats keep coming and honestly - it's a pain to play against this.

Mandatory gif here:

A BOLD PREDICTION ahead of Continentals - I think this deck, or a subtle variation of it, is the strongest corp going into the continental season.

Now that's a bold statement but allow me to explain why I think that.

With the release of midnight sun - Corps win conditions have currently moved to some large haymakers. Regenesis - Big Deal - and of course - Drago BOOM combos. This deck falls into the latter of these but I think is better than the others for a variety of reasons.

First - What does this deck do? Normally it installs, double advances Drago and then waits a turn to seamless launch Drago and then BOOM! This is the "standard" win con.

So why does this deck do better than OB Combo variations or other corps that also do Drago BOOM? This deck leverages ACME's very powerful ability to make accessing and trashing Drago and absolute nightmare. Every single ice is horribly taxing to break and there are soo many threats. Every single double advanced card could be either a Drago, NGO, Bellona, Send a message or even a tomorrows headline ready to score with 2 clicks left to trash a resource and Backroom machinations for an extra point. Or if you want to be spicy, include Checkist Scion. Runners cannot keep up with running through this ice as often as you can put potent threats down.

The Cards:

Agenda Suite - Low density and every agenda also does something for us.

Bellona is Bellona and combined with the taxing ICE stealing it often opens up HHN windows or windows to get drago prepped. (Double advanced)

Send a message - the weakest one but we have great targets in Hydra and Data Ward that at least give us something back from a steal.

Tomorrow's headline - Needed because we are not Azmari but Tomorrows headline is a sneakily great card here. With seamless we can surprise tag and score an agenda and get value from the tag, trashing key resources like Citadel, find the truth, Aesops or force the pop of cards like stonship. or if they float a single tag perhpas you can even score it and BOOM them. Its also really great against ADAM who logic bombs your ice, losing cliks and then woops, your still tagged.

The Assets: Daily quest - You want to land one early and then get another remote server up and running with a threat. against ACME, the runner cannot go dealing with both.

Drago - I feel I could write an entire essay about what you can do with this card. In this deck it functions as the lynch pin to a)Kill, b)Dissamble the runner board with self growth or trashing resources c)tax them to deal with opening up scoring HHN or another Drago Windows, score the last point with Backroom Machinations. "BUT WHAT ABOUT PINHOLE THREADING!?!" I hear you scream - Well in this meta you should be iceing every server. Pinhole, Aumakua and Endurance are too strong to let them get rolling so ICE up every central. ACME leans into this hard by not really every having a single weak server to exploit.

NGO - money and another double advanced CARD - It's not flashy and I've tried it without it but the deck is weaker when you don't have it.

Rashida - because its rashinda

Spin Doctor: because its Spin Doctor

Operations: Not too much to say here to be honest. You could toy with no backroom and self growth and play about, these cards are meta dependant and felixble. Seamlessx3 BOOM x3 are non-nengotiable, ever.

THE ICE: This is where this deck varies from other no combo Drago decks and why I think this is stronger. The ICE and ACME makes this deck sing: There are very few safe face checks and they are all taxing in different ways

Data Ward - The best ICE in the deck. It taxes boat tokens its Srt 8 and has an on encounter ability. Data ward costs 7+3 credits (or 7+a tag to clear) with paperclip. Every single run. for 6 Credits, and its always active, Use it to shore up the centrals the runner poses the greatest threat against and then the remotes and jam things behind them. Ludicrously strong. Engolo is popular now for good reason - go and work out how much it cost Engolo to break this and the encounter Tax.

13 Credits. 13!

IP Block - Now ends the run even if they pay the trace. so they also have to pay the trace on face check and get tagged.

Funhouse - Ok in the deck but not amazing, but it does let you install outside or inside of the other ICE here to create an even more taxing server.

F2P - This ICE is good and great numbers at 5 Str sentry with 2 subs. But its the weakest ICE in the deck because towards the end the runner can just through it on the last ditch efforts - so we run 2.

HYDRA - very strong, every sub is active and a facecheck does 3 net gains you 5 and Ends the Run. It's very strong.

The ICE is amazing against Endurance, turtle engolo and self-growth with Drago to add it back to hand is backbreaking for the runner.

The deck looks very linear and in many games it is, but there are interesting decisions here in how you play it. The common tech Cards for Drago BOOM of Citadel, Stoneship and Obelus all have ways to navigate around them and get them off of the board. Those games are interesting and fun from the corp Side. Maybe not soo much from the Runner side.

What is this deck weak to? I think there are some answers.

But that's not for me to share here - I plan on playing this at some events coming up, ill update this edit with how I do (Good or bad) including Continentals myself, and runners will have plenty of time stuck inside of Club Fed to come up with solutions. I look forward to seeing how to plan on staging their own prison break.

If you want to see me playing this deck come take a look over at:


19 Aug 2022 Terje

Why is there no dislike button :doge:

19 Aug 2022 Cliquil

I find this very compelling. I would not have considered ACME over Azmari myself, but in a meta where single icing archives makes a lot of sense I think I can absolutely appreciate the value. Would you talk a little of why you don't worry about anti kill tech? Is it simply that you have sufficient value in the deck to just do the combo again? Or simply adapt to scoring 5/3s?

19 Aug 2022 just_rob

Yeah, the main Anti Kill tech tends to be resource-based, and having an unadvanced Drago behind one of the big ICE makes dropping a single tag and trashing Citadel "fairly" straightforward. Cards that let the runner draw up to 7+ on the corps turn are annoying but you then still have Drago behind ICE and those tech cards tend to be single use. Obvious and Brain Chip are the most difficult but you cans elf growth them and then hope to BOOM them out of hand. Or Value BOOM a tag me Obelus deck and see if they can redraw to seven.

19 Aug 2022 lopert

How is the Funhouse treating you in this list? I have a disproportionate hate for this card as it does "nothing" once runner go tag-me, which also "turns off" your ID.

With 3 Send a Message I am tempted to throw in some Tollbooth's for an ETR codegate. What do you think?

19 Aug 2022 just_rob

Funhouse I think is on the weaker end of the ICE. In some games you can get find the cost to rez ICE early an issue which Tollbooth wouldnt help. But I could see dropping perhaps a funhouse for a tollbooth. I'd probably recommend going to 3 NGO to make that switch smoother on the gameplay. Let me know how you find it if you try!

19 Aug 2022 dnddmdb

Inside Job stonks rising.

19 Aug 2022 just_rob

Absolutely, if this does do very well then inside job is a great card to use. Thankfully Hippo and inside job, which are probably the most clear hate cards are not overly portable into each other faction.

19 Aug 2022 Murse

I adore the recent trend of players giving card by card rational for the includes in their deck. After a long drought of content it's making every decklist like an excellent blog post. Thanks for being part of that!

19 Aug 2022 just_rob

It's lovely to be back at deck building and theory crafting again. The amount you can do with Drago is really absurd haha!

19 Aug 2022 Diogene

Do you think Regolith Mining License could replace Daily Quest, for a bigger burst of credits?

19 Aug 2022 just_rob

It's possible but Daily Quest is so good that I think id need to see it in action and my feeling is that Quest is just better, particuarily if the game is going longer

19 Aug 2022 JohnnyMilton

Hernando Shutdown

21 Aug 2022 just_rob

Plz no Hernando shutdown