Corp: NBN [Standard] - Acme - Club Fed

Ebesan 1



Club Fed is sort of like a prison deck, but it's dressed up differently. There are lines against the deck but if the runner puts a single foot wrong or decides to leave the wrong card checked it's usually game over. The threats keep coming and honestly - it's a pain to play against this. What does this deck do? Normally it installs, double advances Drago and then waits a turn to seamless launch Drago and then BOOM! This is the "standard" win con.

This deck leverages ACME's very powerful ability to make accessing and trashing Drago and absolute nightmare. Every single ice is horribly taxing to break and there are soo many threats. Every single double advanced card could be either a Drago, NGO, Bellona, Send a message or even a tomorrows headline ready to score with 2 clicks left to trash a resource and Backroom machinations for an extra point.

Difficulty (1 - 3):


Original Deck: (with small tweaks)