FixB 50

Pot-Pourri (Mélange hétéroclite de choses diverses.)

So, this is probably the first deck I’ve tried building for Standard really from scratch (and definitely the first deck I’m posting). I am quite a new player, having started playing just before System Getaway release. I know building a deck should be about having a strategy, one or two winning conditions and then tuning the deck… So I didn’t do that at all! As a new player, I still discover ‘new’ (for me!) cards quite often. In a previous game, I ran into The All-Seeing I and I found that card super interesting! So I decided to build a deck with this one in it, and just went about adding all the stuff around that I thought would be fun to have. So, no real strategy; no defined win condition, just a ‘pot-pourri’ of stuff I thought would be fun. Then I started playing it and it was.. fun! Starting getting a feel for the deck, I tuned it slightly (got some help there as well), and to understand what it could do. Basically, thanks to News Team and Exchange of Information, the Runner is going to have to steal a lot of agendas (sometimes, really a lot!). I also really like the Seamless and Fly on the wall combo: if the Runner leaves the unadvanced agenda on the table, you just seamless, score and have got 1 click to play The All-Seeing I or an Exchange of Information. Amaze is also amazing (sorry) to give enough tags and maybe have one stick. HHN, Psychographics and Boom! are probably not needed there, but can create another win condition (especially if the runner goes tag me). The deck is quite low on ICE which can be an issue in some match-ups. Funhouse is really fun (oops, again) and nice to be able to jam a Quantum Predictive Model behind (or any other agenda with Amaze). Overall, it’s probably not that competitive, but you can pull some hilarious moves and I’m having loads of fun with it!

19 Mar 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Fix recently started playing Netrunner in my local Meta and with the speed he is picking up the game (1st place in his first GNK and already putting together lists like this) all I can say is..... I think its time for me to move Cities!

20 Mar 2022 FixB

Thanks ;) The win was really down to so much beginner's luck. Now, I need to try your deck of the week :)

25 Mar 2022 ThePatrician

Superb effort, mate!

29 Mar 2022 ArminFirecracker

Cool Deck. But a basic Netrunner rule is, you want to have 3 Rashidas :)

29 Mar 2022 FixB

I've got one! So, at least, she's here! :)

1 Apr 2022 ptc

Nice deck! One piece of advice I would offer is that 40 card IDs (or 44 for corps) are highly desirable because they're more consistent. That is, you're more likely to see your important cards when you need them. In fact, prior to System Gateway, 40 card IDs like Chaos Theory were sometimes played purely for the lower deck size.

To get down to 44, I'd lose the Vlad Grid, ARES, Psycho and maybe swap the Marilyn and Snares for Consulting Visit (to fetch your EOI/HHN/Boom!/TASI when you need them) and something that takes advantage of your high agenda count like Stock Buy-Back or Archer.

1 Apr 2022 FixB

Thanks, it totally makes sense to target less cards; There are definitively cards that can be trimmed down (as mentioned, Marylin for example). I quite like the Stock Buy-Back idea as well!