Gateway Only Restoring Humanity

Tamijo 146

As Jinteki, we have access to one of the most powerful cards in System Gateway; Anoetic Void. For 2c and 2 cards, we get to end any run on that server. This makes protecting Agendas much easier, and starts to ramp up the cost for the runner very fast. Once you've places just a couple of ice on a server, the Anoetic Void makes the runner have to run through that ice multiple times to get access. We capitalise on this by including quite a lot of ice overall, 17 (over a third of our deck!), and by combining it with Manegarm Skunkworks. These two cards together create an ultra powerful server almost on their own. Once the runner has finished breaking through all of our ice, we can rez both of these cards. The runner will approach our server, and now we get to choose how we want to use our upgrades. Both of them say "when the runner approaches this server" so we can use them in either order. First, we use Manegarm Skunkworks. The runner needs to pay 5c, two clicks, or, if they can't or won't, the run will end. If they do pay for it, we can use Anoetic Void to simply pay 2c and two cards from our hand and end the run. If they run again, they need to break the ice again, and then we repeat this process until we run out of cards or credits.

This strategy can get pricey for us if they do force us to do it over an over, paying 2c each time, so we have included a few extra economy cards in Hansei Review. Both Hansei and Anoetic Void put cards into Archives facedown the general rule being that if the runner can currently see the front side of a corp card when it's trashed, it goes face up. Otherwise it goes facedown. Cards in our hand are secret from the runner, so they go face down. Hansei will trash a card, gain us 5c, then our ID ability will gain us another credit at the end of the turn. If the runner wants to stop us gaining credits for free each turn, they need to run archives to flip them faceup, costing them time, even if we don't ice it.

We have quite a few ice, and we've chosen to import a couple of extra big ones, Bran 1.0. The runner will be able to spend clicks to get through it, but that combos well with our heavy upgrade plan. If they spend clicks to break Bran, they have to spend credits on Manegarm Skunkworks, and won't be able to do it a second time if we use Anoetic Void, so we're really getting the most out of all of these cards with this combo. We do need to actually win the game at some point though, and our Agendas have been beefed up a little to make sure that we can do that. With a pair of Send a Message supported by a bunch of 2-point Agendas, we're hoping to score one of them alongside a pair of the 2-pointers. The ideal line would be Offworld Office, as that keeps our money up, and Send a Message, to get the most out of the free rez, as our first two Agendas. These keep us on a forward trajectory and don't slow us down too much. If we can get to 5 points, we have Seamless Launch to make every card we install into the server a potential win, even without advancing them first. Obviously only the Agendas actually win the game, but there's no way for the runner to know that. Seamless Launch also provides us with a cheap way to score our Agendas if our economy isn't flowing and we end up bankrupting outself on all our Ice and Upgrades, reducing the cost of scoring a 4 cost agenda to just 3c and 3 clicks, or the send a message to just 4c and 4 clicks. We can sneak out Agendas where they might've thought we had stretched ourselves a little too thin.