MINDHORN - a Detective That Can Literally See the Truth

kevnburg 459


In 1983, Special Agent Bruce P. Mindhorn was captured during a secret operation on the Siberian border. Communist doctors performed experimental cybernetic surgery upon him. They removed his eye and replaced it with a super-advanced optical lie detector which meant he could literally see the truth. He escaped Russia and returned home to the Isle of Man. Bruce Mindhorn became the best plainclothes detective the Isle of Man had ever seen. In a world of lies, one man has had enough. You can't hide the truth from Mindhorn. [excerpt from the 2016 film Mindhorn]

Find the Truth + Mind's Eye combo with run based economy. Use "Kit" + Inversificator to rearrange ICE and easily access R&D early, racking up Mind's Eye counters. Once RnD is heavily iced and difficult to breach, Find the Truth to literally see when to click Mind's Eye, and gain extra value from your R&D Interfaces.

This deck went 2-2 in an online GNK. https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2723/online-gnk-q4-242

Round 1: vs Spiky Earth-Station (Loss): Ok, at first I wasn't expecting a Cerebral Overwriter. Then I was expecting a Cerebral Overwriter but got hit by an Aggressive Secretary. I had been doing pretty well up to that point, pressuring RnD and stealing 5 points worth of agendas, but then it just so happened that both of my Inversificators and Atman were in the heap and this deck doesn't have recursion so gg.

Round 2: vs Killer Queen BoN (Win): This opponent was the player who told me about this online GNK. We met on jinteki.net around the time I originally posted Killer Queen to netrunnerdb, and now I was facing my own creation (with a few tweaks to fit in Engram Flush). This was a quick game thanks to me knowing the deck's threats to be cautious of and getting VERY lucky on RnD runs. Snagged the winning agenda before BoN was able to properly set up.

Round 3: vs Bellona+SSL Azmari (Win): Grindy matchup. Data Ravens and HHNs tagging me. An early HHN stuck tags for a few turns, but I thankfully drew up and found a misdirection before it was too late. My econ struggled, with several instances of me being a few credits short from stealing a Belonna, but I had Mind's Eye and an RnD interface to try and hammer RnD. Eventually, after trashing a BOOM!, I embraced the tags (and my Find the Truth was trashed), barely scrounged up enough money to steal a Bellona, and got lucky with a Mind's Eye -> 15 Minutes for the win without being murdered.

Round 4: vs False Lead Gagarin (Loss): As the last game showed, the econ in this deck can be pretty poor, and in this game my economy collapsed under the pressure of an early Hard Hitting News and my deck completely stalled out.

My corp was Killer Queen BoN (with some of the modifications mentioned in that decklist's comments), and it also went 2-2 for a 9th place finish in this GNK.


Notes: The Mind's Eye + Find the Truth combo is fun. Patron is fantastic. The rest of this deck's econ...not so much. A different icebreaking and econ engine (e.g. lose Inversificator to gain Aesop's Pawnshop) may lead to greater success. Whatever the engine is, it needs early RnD pressure for Mind's Eye to shine.

23 Mar 2020 GingercredMan

Favorited for the best named deck on NRDB. I am also interested to try this as a Kit fan, looks pretty wild.