(Reddish) Purple Prison

Two_EG 401

Keeling is like a red Borehole but just better.

While playing on jinteki.net I just got crushed against this kind of deck and was surprised that no one published similar lists on DB!

So the plan is very simple. Dump every upgrade and Keeling in a remote and make them choose; Die slowly or get Apocalypse'd.

Pinhole is fine as long as you have 2+ Warroids in your remote. Runner just ragequits after playing third pinhole, trashing all his rig, seeing you playing third Restore.

Send a Message should be here, but without much thought, I spent my 3 influence with... foods. Maybe more Mavirus?

The deck I saw used Nanisivik Grid + Tyr to give 2 brain damage, thus making Keeling faster, but I just couldn't find deck space + influence for that combo.

7 Jan 2023 Diogene

I'm also currently trying to have Dr. Vientiane Keeling work in HB. Using Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance is a great idea!

Considering that Core damage would really help the game plan, why not put Nightmare Archive and/or Mr. Hendrik in the deck?

Thanks for sharing!

7 Jan 2023 Jinsei

Oh that might've been me :)

Or maybe not - very possible someone else came up with it too. Love me some Tracker either way

8 Jan 2023 Two_EG

@Diogene With Nightmare archive, -1 point is relevant with this Foods version, since they can't win with 1 Ikawah + 2 other agendas. So that's nice addition if you don't want to go with Send a Message. About Hendrik, the funny thing about this deck is, when the runner tries to approach your over-bloated server without pinhole, you generally win the game! Hendrik or Tempus, that just doesn't matter much. I chose Tempus because it doesn't require you to pay some credits(runner is too poor after trashing Keeling anyway) and it can add some spikes in central accesses.

@DonLoverGateThat might've been me if he was with Doge face, otherwise not :)