[Sunset] Panic Reg Asa — 4th @ 2024-02 Sunset AMT

Amarum 106

I decided to go for AMT with a deck completely different from the ones I tested. I didn't like PD, especially against the Mulch (which I asked my test group friend for).

It's just standard reg violet thingy. Just compression. Just works. Actually, if I were to play this again, I'd find a slot for Seamless Launch.

The deck performed unexpectedly well, defeating Mulch Loup, Divide and Conquer Patchwork Hoshiko and Classic MulchMulch Hosh

I went 3-0 (last round id), the game against Patchwork Hosh was very thin.

My runner was Infinite Loup by xiaat.

Many thanks to NSG for hosting the tournament and to my friend xiaat for the decks and time spent testing.

20 Feb 2024 namdosan1409

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19 Mar 2024 LucyCoffee

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