More Bags Bitten, More Masses Feared

tzeentchling 905

Designed for a tournament focused on cards lost to the upcoming rotation. Had fond memories of Theophilius Bagbiter decks and @pj20's deck seemed ideal and fun. A bit of tweaking to bring the deck in line with the latest MWL and we arrive here. See his write-up for the basics of how to play.

You're quite resilient to damage, less so to tags, but even BOOM! and High-Profile Target may still find it difficult to kill you once set up. Swift isn't needed, but is fun with Fear the Masses and could be No One Home or On the Lam.

Leela's been one of my top two favorite runners ever since she was introduced, and I have fond memories of both playing her and arguing with people that she was as good if not better than Andromeda at the time she came out. I'll miss playing her in Standard!