Requiem for a Temple

Saan 3116

This is, more or less, Spags' World's 2018 deck. Between FFG and Nisei, though, almost all the OP assets from the Mumbad cycle are either banned or on the MWL, so I had to drop the Temples; thus the name (Spags' original title was mourning the loss of Museum for similar reasons). I chucked in a couple Marked Accounts and a Best Defense for Misdirection and called it an evening. It's a poor, poor replacement for Temples, but whatcha gonna do.

So my thoughts were that since Crowd Funding is on the MWL, it'll be in less decks. The last tournament I went to was dominated by Hayley with some Val here and there (although being won by a 419 GPI deck). I figured with Shapers probably ditching CF for other influence (since they need Aesop's still), this might be a fine thing.

Aside from the first Val deck I played (and won against), every matchup was a Criminal, with the worst being someone on 419 Power Tap Nexus. This is a literal nightmare. I only lost 2 games with it overall, but man did I ever lose those games. The other 3 rounds I murdered people, which is what the deck does when it's not curving out with Lady Liberty.

So my thoughts are... maybe don't play CTM right now still =P. It did fine, but it couldn't go all the way, which felt sad. It was still good enough to land me 4th, though I wished I'd brought a different deck almost the entire day.

3 Mar 2019 moistloaf

The CF Val match up feels really hard as CTM too

3 Mar 2019 adquen

I agree with you that in a meta where Scamshop is a good deck, CtM might be a terrible choice.

That being said, I brought a similar deck to Domecon and I think it was mostly my bad skill that let me down, not so much the deck. Even (and especially) against CF you can win with HHN spam - just play it over and over and over again.

Did the Marked Accounts do any work for you? When I played this deck I also replaced Mumba with econ (Lauch Campaign, in my case) - but at the end of the end, I'd rather had more tech cards. A second SIU is sweet (to trash TTW), as is a third ConVis and obviously Best Defense, which I also did not slot.

3 Mar 2019 Saan

@adquen I never installed Marked at all =P. Honestly, what I could have used more of is just a couple ICE with real ETRs on them. At least then I can try and gearcheck in an emergency.