Navi Skorp (4-2)

jase2224 320

Based on the recent successful Skorpios decks out there, but with the added expected tech for Colorado of Best Defense and Navi Mumbai City Grid to really get Shapers. In the past couple Store Championship there have been a fair amount of MaxX players. However, they usually also make the cut so Skorp seemed to be a decent meta call, but if you play in Colorado the only meta you can expect is to expect anything.

My only loss in Swiss was against Apex who sniped agendas in HQ when he had 1/5 chance to score. He got the Graft in HQ after I scored an Atlas with two counters and was at 5 points. I was the higher seed in the cut because the player who got second in Swiss dropped so I selected Skorp to against MaxX, but a flood and excellent piloting by Jordan allowed him to defeat me in a really fun day of A:NR.