1st Place Antwerp Regionals: No penguins allowed

ryanbantwins 2037

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This is the corp deck that I piloted during the Antwerp regionals, it went 3-3. It's a good deck, but just a terrible metacall. I expected to see a lot of (siphon) whizz but I only played against 4xHayley lock (2-2), 1 leela (loss) and a Kit (king of swiss, win). So yeah I'm happy with that result knowing that 5 of my games are my worst Match-ups.

This deck is based on Shmeguy's deck that won the Copenhagen regionals a while ago. When I first looked at Brain rewiring I immediately saw it's potential. Yet I was looking at cards like neural, ronin or contract killer. Props to Shmeguy for the smart inclusion of Show of Force. By far the best way to kill those pesky runners.

The major change in the deck is the absence of Hasty. This deck might be slightly slower, I'm not sure (still a turn 5 win so), but I think it's a bit more flexible. Most of your combopieces are easily replaceable and you never have to wait for those AD or Hasty that are stacked at the bottom of your R&D. Most importantly it frees up some deckslots and sweet influence for some spicy tech.


  1. Shipment from Mirrormorph Brain Rewiring and Show of Force (or biotic install install)
  2. You need to place 7 advancement tokens in the following 2 clicks. That means you need to "cheat" 5 tokens. Following cards will do this for you: SfK, Biotic, Audacity (play last click) and Jeeves (put him in the MirrorMorph). Note: 2 out of those 5 "cheat" need to give you clicks (biotic or jeeves).
  3. Score Brain rewiring (pay for their entire hand), they will draw a card. Score Show of force do 2 meat and watch them die. Note: cards like Aaron, Hopper, Geist, bookmark won't save the runner. There is no paid A-window for them between the scores. Just remember to save some extra bucks because using brain rewiring might become a bit more expensive.


Yep there is a BOOM!. As I said I expected to see a lot of siphon whizz or even criminal. All of them like to siphon CI into the ground and never clear their tags. EZ wins in testing, saw 5 shapers and a Leela who is from my meta and knew about the BOOM!. :-(

Hunter seeker is another MVP in testing that barely did anything in the tournament (killed one saccon, yay). Normally you use it to punish aggressive runners to set them back tempo-wise. Or kill a plascrete I guess.

Other tech includes Best defense to help against saccons and siphon whizz to blow their Eater. Audacity is just an influence expensive SfK. Real ICE because Mogo isn't that good with all the AI breakers, turing is amazing tho. Some hard ETR against early siphons and a Fairchild2 because they can't click through it and it is cheaper than FC3.

Possible includes: Helion Beta test (plascrete), ronin, wraparound, traffic acc (instead of BOOM), Tarmar, reuse, panic button, fast track,...

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27 Jun 2017 clercqie

Lol, dat surprise Boom! :p


27 Jun 2017 Sanjay

The audaciousness of including Audacity in a CI list is incredible.

2 Jul 2017 scd

Why this specific ice suite? I'm not that familiar with different CI variants but any reason to not go Paper Wall/MoGo?

2 Jul 2017 scd

Oh wait, you said it. Okay.