Recoco's Basilisk - 2nd at Euros

dome_ 599

I almost had no Idea how to call this deck but @Watzlav told me to call this deck Recoco's Basilisk for meme Value.

This list is an combo CI deck that I brought to euros and ended 2nd with. There are some combo CI decks floating around for instance I really like the deck from knails. Since Estelle Moon came out I really liked to play this card. Moonies became one of my favourite decks. For euros testing I ditched Moonies as deck of choice because I couldn't find the right list. I switched to Titan and played it a lot. It was a very good deck but I never really liked it to play. The day before our flight @Watzlav came again and told me about a deck he played against in Jinteki. There might be a CI with Estelle Moon and Reconstruction Contract and Dedication Ceremony. I was excited and started building a deck. This is a nice mix of my favourite archetype with my favourite combo out of Titan.

A longer chat with Watzlav and some changes here and there brought me almost to this list. The night before Euros brought I made some last cuts (including cutting Elective Upgade for Ikawah Project) and switching the third scarcity to a 2nd Archived Memories.

So this is a "combo deck". I can score 7 points in one turn, but I rather prefer to firstly score two points (either Vitruvius with some counters or EC) and score the rest of the points a couple of turns later, when you draw more cards and got some more or other combo pieces. It has some of the flexibilities of a moonies deck, you can do crazy turns without scoring points. Shipment from MirrorMorph helps to load the Moon more quickly and Team Sponsorship is just a crazy good card in this deck.

This deck is not perfect and sometimes feel fragile, but I really like the Idea and I believe that you can tweak the deck to make it more "consistant".

I am very pleased with my result and I am really looking forward for Euros 2019.

Thank you for Watzlav, who gets half of the credits for this, because he was discussing this deck, cheering for me and he brought me the Idea for this deck. He also brought me enought confidence to play this at Euros, even without playing this deck to much before.

Thanks to everyone I played. Thanks to the Berlin crew for the support. Thanks to the judges and streamers/commentators/podcasters. You made this event to a brilliant one and I hope I will see you soon (sooner or later).

5 Jun 2018 MazeBerlin


5 Jun 2018 Krasty

yeah! Congratulation for playing this deck (almost) 8 rounds and not become mad! :o)

btw what are you doing with Clot on your combo turn?

5 Jun 2018 Watzlav

Furthermore, I would add that I wish I had never learned about any of these ideas. In fact, I wish I had never come across the initial link on the internet that caused me to think about scoring seven points in one turn and thereby about the cerebreal imaging; I wish very strongly that my mind had never come across the tools to inflict such large amounts of potential self-harm with such small durations of inattention, uncautiousness and/or stupidity, even if it is all premultiplied by a small probability.

5 Jun 2018 JackMade

Some credit should go to @Pinsel for the deck. At least i guess that's where the idea is coming from. :)

5 Jun 2018 Tolaasin

One of the best nights of netrunner I've had involved drinking beer and playing you in Berlin - and taking home spiongekameras with me - really well done on such an excellent performance.

5 Jun 2018 Watzlav

@JackMade Yes, that's absolutely correct. @Pinsel is the originator of the deck as far I know.

6 Jun 2018 dome_

@MazeBerlin Thank you
@Krasty Thank you. And with clot, I loose of try to choose another plan since the beginning. Against multiple clot and SacCons, I just loose. @Watzlav LOL :D
@JackMadeYou're right. Pinsel is the originator. Watzlav was the guy who told me about this deck while I was testing Titan
@Tolaasin Cheers! Thank you for your Kind words. I hope to see you one time again.

6 Jun 2018 knails

Super interesting to compare lists. Especially that you were only on two dedication.

Congrats on making the final. It was a pleasure to play you.

15 Jun 2018 ClosDeLaRoche

Could you please, please explain how this deck works? What are the combos here and what are the best ways to execute them?