Defensive Asa (1st Swiss 4th Cut Western US Nats)

tzeentchling 1063

Asa doing Asa things

Pretty standard defensive Asa deck, similar to @Sokka's Asa deck. Decided to swap one Anoetic Void and one Mavirus for a second Tatu-Bola and a Border Control, mostly for playstyle reasons. M.I.C. is a pet favorite of mine, annoying enough to break and a pseudo-Border Control if the runner is low on clicks. Vovô Ozetti isn't really needed but he's fun to play with and occasionally useful and saves you money. In decks with this many assets and upgrades I find Tranquility Home Grid to be superior to Hedge Fund (and if they spend the 4 credits to trash it I usually don't mind), but it does delay your credit gain so if you need to play faster then Hedge might be better.

The general strategy of the deck is "throw something in a remote. don't bother advancing it or rezzing it until you have to or you get value, and repeatedly drag the runner through your ice until they're poor." Against some runners that takes longer than others. You can also rush behind Magnets and M.I.C./Border Control if you need, or sneak an agenda out behind a single ice from your Asa double-install if they're not checking everything you put down.

The deck went undefeated in the Swiss rounds, beating two Hoshikos, a Reina, and a 419. It lost in the cut to @Ebrey and his Sable after a disastrous start with no econ and little ice, bleeding agendas - and still I would have almost pulled it out if he hadn't hit the 40% chance to see the last Ikawah Project in my hand.

Still, an excellent tournament and a solid, reliable deck to grind your opponents down!

19 Sep 2023 Noah101

great post! immaculate) grid