It is pronounced GIF

Diogene 3057

The Institute is back! And it has gift for you. Or is it a gif?


Game plan : Try to Regenesis an Obokata Protocol, ideally using SanSan City Grid. If the runner steals it (taking at least 4 net damages), try to kill using Complete Image.

Mulligan plan : max one agenda, you will want an ice in your hand early.

Lots of tricks :


26 Apr 2023 napalm900

Hyoubu and Complete Image sounds like a lot of fun!

27 Apr 2023 Diogene

@napalm900 it does! Now that runners are super rich, Complete Image act as a kind of Punitive Counterstrike, but with not credits involved (but just as (un)reliable).

Anecdote : I thought Regenesis would trigger Hyoubu Institute: Absolute Clarity, but it does not (or jnet has not implemented it). Cheers!

27 Apr 2023 Oddball

@DiogeneI noticed a similar thing with Subliminal Messaging not giving a credit when returning to hand at the start of a turn a year or so ago.

It's likely not implemented and you just need to post it on the Jnet GitHub!

27 Apr 2023 Diogene

Thanks @Oddball. I submitted the issue. Cheers!