The Least Playable Deck

Drakeheart 42

  1. Laramy Fisk
  2. Derez Tools
  3. No Cards on the Points List

I have always wanted to see about running a Laramy Fisk deck. The ID is infamously bad, which may be why I have a maudlin fascination with it. So I throw together a deck under Fisk, including many tools I've seen be called "unplayable" or difficult to build around. This is entirely for my own amusement, and will likely see many iterations as I play with it and tweak. It is, at the end of the day, an experiment.

The Experiment:
I decided to ignore conventional wisdom and focus on rubbing precisely two braincells together to throw together this deck: Use cards that are generally considered bad.
Fisk the ID, because it's generally accepted that in spite of his theoretical HQ pressure, he tends to just help the Corp.
The Derez tools are also included because pressuring the Corp's economy is good, but when that pressure relies heavily on the Corp already being behind, there might be better options.
And I did not include any cards on the Points List because those cards are generally accepted as "good" and "useful", which is counter to the intention of the experiment.

I'm hoping, if nothing else, this deck will be fun to pilot, and maybe provide a lot more personal experience in Netrunner as a game for myself.