PD 1st at NtscapeNavigator's Store Championship

Heinzel 1294

I used this PD list at NtscapeNavigator's online Store Championship.

The deck went 4-1 during swiss and 1-0 during the cut.
I went for a glaciery aproach to PD, putting in more copies of expensive ice.
Bran and Ansel are good pieces of ice that are very taxing. All subroutines on Ansel are relevant, but since the last subroutine only is a pseudo end-the-run you don't want it on HQ against Criminals and only want to use it for the remote against Apocalypse decks. Brans first subroutine also becomes quite relevant with the inclusion of Border Control. It's 5 to break for Paperclip which is pretty insane for a 6-Cost barrier.
Tranquility Home Grid is an amazing upgrade in this deck. It rewards you for what you want to be doing anyways. Both options are useful but since your ice is quite expensive you use the credits a lot.
MCA Austerity Policy got put in as anti-Apocalypse tech. But it also did work in the tournament in other matchups. With MCA Austerity Policy, Border Control and the defensive upgrades this deck has a lot of options against Apocalypse.
I put in one Magnet since i was expecting more Maxx. The CVS is also very relevant in that matchup.

Overall i was very happy with the performance of this deck. You are still very fast and the runner having to steal half of your agendas feels quite unfair.
One thing i need to think about though is Drafter vs Ansel. Drafter is very strong and costs 3 credits less than Ansel, but i think the Glacier-Player in me prefers an "end-the-run" on my ice.

On the Runner side i used Hivemind Maxx.

Thanks to Aki and everyone helping run this amazing tournament. I am still amazed that it was a 70 Player Store Championship.